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June 26, 2022

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Deborah BatesMarch 20, 2022

We have Ukrainian friends and some of them have parents still in Kyiv. We have been to Ukraine and spent a week in Kyiv. . We are heartsick about what is happening.

Ken and Lynne HeinholdMarch 7, 2022

Our Granddaughter-in-law is Inna Timm, and she is from Ukraine and lives in SLC with her husband Jake Timm. This is a tense time for her and all of our family as we are fasting, praying, and hoping for the safe journey of her sister and family who are at this time traveling from Poltava, Ukraine to Poland. They are very frightened, but hopeful of starting a new life in SLC, Utah, USA. So, we join with all of you in prayer for the safety and welfare of these many good people in Ukraine.

Harold RustMarch 7, 2022

Oh that we could all join in their worship service and show them personally our respect for their efforts to remain free and our willingness to help support them in whatever way we can best do.

Jean GenteroneMarch 7, 2022

When there is no peace on earth...... there will always be peace in Christ .

DonnaMarch 7, 2022

Beautiful and heart rending. We are praying for you, our dear brothers and sisters across the world. Never fear.

Andrew SilskiMarch 7, 2022

It's great to pray for our brothers and sisters, but what are we going to DO for them? I've signed up online to sponsor a family, but that might take months. Is the Church or an LDS-affiliated NGO doing something to facilitate placement of these families in other LDS homes and families?

MandJMarch 7, 2022

Video and message brought tears to my eyes. Ukraine has been in our thoughts and prayers daily. We watch everything coming in on the news and feel heartbreak for them as they go through this, it is all so shocking. We pray for peace for them, their country and leaders and know the Lord is aware of this miserable and terrible trial and especially pray it will end.

Richard D LoosliMarch 7, 2022

I am sure there are countless prayers for this country. I pray that this unprovoked attack will soon be over and peace will prevail.

Leslie NighMarch 7, 2022

I did fast for the Ukrainian saints yesterday. I know that our bishop did as well, as he spoke of it in his testimony. May God bless and keep us all in His capable hands.

Jesse WilsonMarch 7, 2022

Just beautiful!

ShaunaMarch 7, 2022

Thanks for sharing this. It made me cry. My heart and prayers are absolutely with you and it was a privilege to fast on your behalf yesterday. God bless the Ukraine and the world. I know the Lord sees you and is working behind the scenes

Miriam CottamMarch 7, 2022

Just to clarify, this video is of the BYU Singers, the BYU Slavic Choir, and Ukrainian RM's (my son is in this group). They are singing in Ukrainian to show love and support for Ukraine but are not Ukrainian refugees in Germany.

MGBrooksMarch 7, 2022

That is the combined BYU choirs singing in Provo Utah as a tribute to the Ukrainian Saints. :-)

A.L. CastroMarch 7, 2022

This beautiful video is members of the BYU choirs and “other friends of Ukraine” and was filmed in Provo on the BYU campus. I saw it several days ago on the BYU Singers’ Facebook page. I thought you might want to correctly label this video.

SAGEMarch 7, 2022

Last Sunday and yesterday I have fasted and prayed for them. Their song will play in my mind throughout the week. Such a hard time.



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