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August 10, 2022

First Line News Articles for Wednesday, August 10 2022

Top Stories

Biden Signs Ratification of Finland, Sweden NATO Bids

President Joe Biden signed the ratification documents to approve Finland and Sweden’s ascension into the NATO alliance on Tuesday afternoon.

DHS to End ‘Remain in Mexico,’ Asylum Seekers to Enter US

The Department of Homeland Security announced it is preparing to quickly halt the “Remain in Mexico” program and won’t send asylum seekers back across the border to await a ruling on their applications for U.S. protection, The Washington Post has reported.

Biden Signs $280B CHIPS Act in Bid to Boost US Over China

President Joe Biden has signed a $280 billion bipartisan bill to boost domestic high-tech manufacturing.

LDS News

Watch: Canada’s virtual Primary choir and love for the temple will leave you in tears

There are now 200,000 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints living in Canada. To celebrate this membership milestone, a virtual choir of 183 diverse young voices from across the country joined forces for a special rendition of the Primary song “I Love to See the Temple.”

Semitruck of food to feed thousands of people in Grays Harbor and Olympic Peninsula

There’s a Bible verse that includes the words, “filling our hearts with food and gladness.” Well, it looks as though The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints did just that with a sizable effort to help out seniors, children and families in Grays Harbor County, and throughout the Olympic Peninsula.

President Dallin H. Oaks: ‘We have got to think about religious freedom for all the children of God’

President Dallin H. Oaks has spoken about religious freedom for much of his 38-year Apostolic ministry.

Church feeds more than 2,500 people in Ethiopia

Life has been difficult for many people in Megenagna, a village in the area of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Many have been displaced because of conflict in northern Ethiopia. They and others are poverty-stricken, homeless or economically struggling.

Get to know the artist who made the Second Coming painting in the Washington D.C. Temple

Most budding artists start their career in a spare room at home, crowding out other family needs. Dan Wilson was no exception — starting in an upstairs bedroom. Over the next few years, he graduated to the living room and then to a portion of the unfinished basement that eventually had four walls and a door.


Court orders IRS to release Trump tax records

The House Committee on Ways and Means expects to receive the tax returns and files from former President Donald Trump “immediately,” it said Tuesday.

Middle-class Americans to bear brunt of IRS audits under Dem inflation bill, analysis shows

Americans who earn less than $75,000 per year are slated to receive 60% of the additional tax audits expected under Democrats’ spending package, according to an analysis released by House Republicans.

California Forest Service employee killed in McKinney Fire

A veteran U.S. Forest Service employee is the first publicly identified victim of the northern California McKinney Fire.

Supreme Court Will Hear Harvard Race Case in October

The Supreme Court on Oct. 31 will hear cases from Harvard University and the University of North Carolina to allow consideration of race in their admission processes.

HHS approves stretching monkeypox vaccines through fifth-doses as outbreak grows

The Department of Health and Human Services has announced that healthcare providers will be able to administer monkeypox vaccines in a way that would increase the limited supply of doses fivefold as part of an effort to accelerate the response to the worsening outbreak.

U.S. Postal Service books $59.6 billion from reform legislation

The U.S. Postal Service booked a onetime, non-cash benefit of $59.6 billion after President Joe Biden signed financial relief legislation into law, the USPS said on Tuesday.

Citing ‘Public Health Emergency,’ Pelosi Extends House Proxy Voting Despite History of Abuse

Nancy Pelosi extended proxy voting for the House on Tuesday, continuing the pandemic-era rule until late September, despite numerous members of Congress using it as an excuse to go on vacation and campaign for reelection.

White House Claims Biden Was Not Briefed on FBI Raid at Mar-a-Lago

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Tuesday that President Biden was not made aware that the FBI planned to search former president Donald Trump’s personal residence at Mar-a-Lago before the action was carried out on Monday.

Republican Lawmakers Accuse Biden Administration of ‘Weaponizing’ FBI after Trump Raid

Following the FBI’s raid on former president Trump’s Florida home Monday, GOP politicians and pundits rushed to his defense, condemning the alleged weaponization of the agency against political opponents and demanding an explanation for the unprecedented action by federal authorities.

‘Political Tactic’: Cuomo Demands Answers From Justice Department Over Trump Raid

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called for the Department of Justice to quickly justify the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence to avoid the perception that it was politically motivated and tainting investigations into Jan. 6.


Rescuers to move whale stranded in French river to saltwater

French environmentalists prepared Tuesday to move a beluga whale that strayed into the Seine River last week to a saltwater basin in Normandy, hoping to save the life of the dangerously thin marine mammal.

Taiwan says China military drills part of plan for impending invasion

Taiwan’s foreign minister on Tuesday warned China is using its aggressive military drills around the island as part of a broader plan for what it fears is an impending invasion.

Ukraine war: Blasts rock Russian airbase in annexed Crimea

One person has been killed after blasts rocked a military base in Crimea, the head of the Russia-appointed regional administration there said.

Pentagon Confirms Radar Defense Missiles Sent to Ukraine

The Department of Defense this week acknowledged that the U.S. sent anti-radar missiles to Ukraine for use against Russian forces — deliveries that were previously undisclosed, according to CNN.

Kyiv Urges Travel Ban on Russians as Moscow Steps up Assault in Eastern Ukraine

Ukraine’s president called on the West to impose a blanket travel ban on Russians, an idea that has found support among some European states but angered Moscow, which pressed on with a fierce military offensive in eastern Ukraine.

US officials concerned as Russia launches Iranian satellite

Russia has successfully launched an Iranian satellite into orbit amid US concerns over its planned purpose.


Google back online after software issue causes short outage worldwide

Google was back online early Tuesday after the search engine reported a brief but widespread outage around the world overnight.

Micron announces $40 billion investment in US chip manufacturing

Micron Technology plans to invest $40 billion in U.S. semiconductor manufacturing after Congress approved massive chip subsidies, the company said Tuesday.


Home listings surge at record rate as housing market starts to cool

The national inventory of homes for sale grew at a record pace for a third consecutive month in July, the latest sign that rising borrowing costs are starting to cool off the housing market.


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