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August 18, 2019

First Line News Articles for Sunday, August 18 2019

Top Stories

Israel blocks Omar, Tlaib from entering country amid pressure from Trump

Israeli officials have decided to block U.S. Reps. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., and Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., from entering the country as part of a planned visit, a reversal that comes amid pressure from President Trump and concerns about their support for boycotts of Israel.

Appeals court rules Trump administration must provide hygiene products at migrant facilities

A federal appeals court on Thursday upheld a previous court order mandating the Trump administration provide basic personal hygiene items to children in detention at facilities in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

Trump vows to ‘always uphold the Second Amendment’ amid ongoing talks on gun laws

President Trump on Thursday told supporters in New Hampshire that he would “always uphold the Second Amendment” and suggested that the construction of new mental health facilities would help curb gun violence.

North Korea launches 2 more short-range missiles, US official says

North Korea fired two more short-range ballistic missiles for the sixth time in three weeks, a U.S. official told Fox News late Thursday.

LDS News

Here’s how the first-ever pioneer trek in Spain helped Latter-day Saints connect to their ancestors

What would a Latter-day Saint pioneer trek be without a few drops of rain?

More than 1 million Venezuelan refugees have fled to Colombia. Here’s how Latter-day Saints are helping many of them

Over the past four years, more than 4 million refugees and migrants have fled Venezuela to escape civil unrest and severe shortages of food and medicine.

Latter-day Saint Girl from Viral Side-Eyeing Meme Shares the Story Behind Her Accidental Rise to Fame

It’s not every day that you see “the patron saint of Tumblr” and your daughter’s name in the same sentence. But when you’re the mother to viral meme sensation side-eyeing Chloe, it happens.

How will Layton temple impact traffic? Hard to say now, but officials are prepared for road construction

How will Layton temple impact traffic? Hard to say now, but officials are prepared for road construction

BYU student uses language to build bridges in China

McKenna Wright had an unexpected opportunity to speak the language she learned on a volunteer assignment for her church when BYU invited her to perform in China¬


More states allowing gender-neutral birth certificates, IDs

For intersex people, born with both male and female chromosomal or sexual traits, new rules in several locations allow an “X” on birth certificates and drivers’ licenses to help bring their status out of the shadows.

Police departments confront ‘epidemic’ in officer suicides

A rash of suicides by police officers has shaken the New York Police Department, leading the commissioner to declare a mental health emergency and highlighting the problem of untreated depression among law enforcement officers nationwide.

Newark fights push for more bottled water amid lead troubles

New Jersey’s largest city faced off in court Thursday against an environmental group seeking to force officials to expand the distribution of bottled water to more residents facing potentially high lead levels.

Texas Governor Announces Domestic Terrorism Task Force After El Paso Shooting

Texas Governor Announces Domestic Terrorism Task Force After El Paso Shooting

Planned Parenthood Exposes Its Dedication to Abortion

By withdrawing from the Title X program, the abortion provider has revealed that it cares more about bolstering its bottom line than providing actual health-care services.

Army finalizes deal to bring Israel’s Iron Dome to the US to test it against cruise missiles

The U.S. Army has finalized a deal to bring Israel’s famed Iron Dome defense system to the United States to help protect against cruise missile threats

FCC pushing forward with three-digit suicide prevention hotline similar to ‘911’

The Federal Communication Commission is one step closer to designating the number ‘988’ as a national suicide prevention number akin to how ‘911’ is used for emergencies.

U.S. House panel subpoenas ex-Trump campaign chief Lewandowski

The Democratic-led U.S. House Judiciary Committee said on Thursday it subpoenaed President Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, for public testimony as part of an investigation of the Trump presidency.

Hope Hicks defends accuracy of her congressional testimony

Former White House communications director Hope Hicks is standing by her June testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, rejecting Democrats’ suggestions that she lied about her knowledge of hush money payments made to women before the 2016 election who alleged affairs with President Trump

Federal judge bars Georgia from using electronic-only voting system in 2020

If Georgia cannot implement a recently-approved voting system in time, the judge further ordered that the state must be prepared to return to an all-paper system.


A woman survived a plunge of more than 5,000 feet after her parachute failed

A 30-year-old woman is recovering after falling more than 5,000 feet from a plane.

Plane used to carry U.S. troops catches fire at Irish airport

A plane that regularly carries U.S. troops through Ireland’s Shannon Airport caught fire shortly before it was due to take off on Thursday, forcing a five-hour suspension of flights at Shannon and cancellation of some trips.

Nearly 600,000 advised to evacuate as storm makes landfall on Japan

Heavy rains lashed parts of western Japan on Thursday as tropical storm Krosa made landfall, forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights and trains as authorities advised more than half a million people to evacuate.

Trump says China talks ‘productive’; Beijing vows tariff retaliation

Donald Trump said on Thursday that U.S. and Chinese negotiators were holding “productive” trade talks and expected them to meet in September despite U.S. tariffs on over $125 billion worth of Chinese imports taking effect Sept 1.

Huawei employees intercepted encrypted messages to help African governments spy on political opponents, says WSJ

Huawei employees helped African governments spy on political opponents by using cell data to track their location and intercepting encrypted communications and social media, a Wall Street Journal investigation found.

Chinese military personnel parade near Hong Kong border: AFP

Thousands of Chinese military personnel waving red flags paraded at a sports stadium in a city across the border from Hong Kong on Thursday, an AFP reporter witnessed.

Iranian supertanker released by Gibraltar, despite last-minute US attempt to seize it

An Iranian supertanker has been released by Gibraltar on Thursday after being held for more than a month on suspicions it was trying to provide crude oil to Bashar Assad’s Syrian regime in violation of European Union sanctions.

23 injured when Russian jet make emergency landing in corn field after striking birds

A Russian jet carrying 226 passengers and seven crew members made an emergency landing in the middle of a corn field near Moscow after colliding with birds shortly after takeoff.


Powell Expected to Seek Another Cut Despite Strong Spending

The U.S. data pouring in supports Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s forecast of solid economic growth and higher inflation. Still, economists remain confident that Powell will cut interest rates again next month as insurance against a global slowdown.


Physicists say they’ve discovered a new state of matter

Physicists at New York University claim they have uncovered a new state of matter that could boost the storage capacity of electronic devices and pave the way for the first generation of quantum computers.

Black Hole at Center of Milky Way Galaxy Lit Up in May and No One Knows Why

Black Hole at Center of Milky Way Galaxy Lit Up in May and No One Knows Why


Cases of vaping-linked breathing problems now reported in 8 states

Doctors have not yet been able to pinpoint any specific device, brand or ingredient tying the cases together.