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December 11, 2019

First Line News Articles for Wednesday, December 11 2019

Top Stories

DOD suspends operational training for all Saudi students in wake of Pensacola shooting

The move comes in the wake of the Naval Air Station Pensacola shootings.

Federal judge blocks billions in Pentagon funding from paying for border wall

A federal judge has blocked President Trump from diverting Pentagon funds from various military projects toward building a wall on the United States’s southern border.

Impeachment: House Democrats charge Trump with abuse of power, obstruction

House Democrats announced two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump Tuesday, charging him with abuse of power and obstruction.

LDS News

Spreading kindness with the help of text messages

During the holiday season, many people look for ways to give back to their community. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is doing a ‘Light the World’ initiative, as a way to make this time of year a season of service.

BYU students provide interpretation at free volunteer-based Salt Lake clinic

Iranian immigrant Dr. Mansoor Emam was working in an emergency room when he realized that many patients who lived in poverty ended up in the ER with devastating hospital bills, because they couldn’t afford preventative medical care.

Primary General President Speaks at the UN in Geneva

Sister Joy D. Jones, Primary general president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, addressed an international audience at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Video: President Russell M. Nelson builds bridges with world leaders

In a new Church News video, members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints describe President Russell M. Nelson’s efforts to connect with civic and religious leaders around the world.

FamilySearch expands the ability for users to document family relationships

As the result of a growing diversity of family relationships, FamilySearch now provides “the ability for users to document same-sex family relationships,” according to a statement released by the organization Tuesday, Dec. 10.


Controversy on phone records intensifies amid impeachment

House Republicans are escalating their feud with Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, accusing the California Democrat of carrying out a “smear campaign” against his GOP counterpart, Rep. Devin Nunes (Calif.), by publishing his phone records in the panel’s sweeping impeachment report.

GOP’s Yoho announces retirement from Congress

Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) announced he will not seek re-election on Tuesday, citing his pledge to only serve four terms in Congress.

Moderate Dems Float Proposal to Censure Trump in Place of Impeachment

A group of around 10 moderate House Democrats has revived a proposal to censure President Trump over his actions regarding Ukraine rather than to impeach him, according to Politico.

Pelosi announces support for new Trump NAFTA deal

House Democrats and the White House have struck a deal on a historic trade deal to update the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced Tuesday.

Pentagon IG opens review into troop deployment at U.S.-Mexico border

Troop levels at the border have at times surpassed 5,000 since President Donald Trump began deploying them there in the fall of 2018.

Barr thinks FBI may have acted in ‘bad faith’ in probing Trump campaign’s links to Russia

“I think our nation was turned on its head for three years based on a bogus narrative,” the attorney general said in an exclusive interview with Pete Williams.

Chief justice to hustle daily between two buildings for double duty during impeachment trial

The Supreme Court’s calendar in January should go uninterrupted even if Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. is tasked with overseeing an impeachment trial of President Trump in the U.S. Senate, which seems likely given House Democrats’ announcement of two articles of impeachment Tuesday.

Planned Parenthood Employee Admits She Tried to Facilitate Sale of Fetal Livers in Court Testimony

A Planned Parenthood employee told a San Francisco court that she had planned to “move forward” with the sale of fetal livers at $750 each.

Trump to Sign Executive Order Tackling Anti-Semitism at U.S. Colleges

President Trump will sign an executive order on Wednesday designed to target anti-Semitism on college campuses, the New York Times reported on Tuesday evening.

Supreme Court Declines Inmate’s Request for Sex Reassignment Surgery

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a convicted murderer’s appeal to receive gender reassignment surgery, leaving in place a lower court’s ruling in favor of the Texas prison officials who refused the inmate the procedure.


Finland’s young PM promises stability, and to keep posting on Instagram

Social Democrat Sanna Marin said on Tuesday she would restore stability to Finland and keep using social media – but with care – after being sworn in as the world’s youngest prime minister at the helm of a government led by women.

Chilean Air Force plane missing en route to Antarctica with 38 aboard

Chilean authorities said search-and-rescue operations are underway for a Chilean Air Force plane that went missing en route to Antarctica with 38 people on board.

Thick bushfire smoke blankets Sydney, causing air pollution to rise 11 times above ‘hazardous’ levels

Smoke from Australia’s bushfires blanketed Sydney on Tuesday, creating unhealthy air quality conditions for locals — which measured 11 times the “hazardous” level in some parts of the city.


University of Phoenix to pay $191 million to settle ‘deceptive ad’ probe

The University of Phoenix, which is owned by Apollo Education Group, has agreed to pay $191 million to settle charges that it falsely advertised close ties with major U.S. companies that could lead to jobs for students, the Federal Trade Commission said on Tuesday.

Exxon wins first-of-its-kind climate change case against New York

ExxonMobil won a first-of-its-kind climate change fraud trial on Tuesday as a judge rejected the state of New York’s claim that the oil and gas giant misled investors in accounting for the financial risks of global warming.


‘They’ declared 2019 ‘word of the year’ by Merriam-Webster

The small but mighty personal pronoun “they” has been declared the 2019 Word of the Year by Merriam-Webster, officials announced Tuesday.


New studies into loneliness shed light on whether Baby Boomers are feeling isolated

In contrast to media reports in recent years about a crisis of increasing isolation and loneliness in the United States, called an “epidemic” by the former surgeon general, new research indicates that’s not necessarily true — at least for Baby Boomers.

The CDC is urging consumers to discard their salad kits after people were sickened with E. coli

The CDC is warning customers about a multi-state outbreak of E. coli infections linked to Fresh Express Sunflower Crisp chopped salad kits.


US productivity was weak in the third quarter, while labor costs were revised lower

US productivity was weak in the third quarter, while labor costs were revised lower


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