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May 24, 2022

Past Issues

VIDEO: Three Sister Missionaries, A Beloved Hymn, and a Ukulele (Monday 23 May, 2022)

In a recent video shared on the "Come Unto Christ in San Diego" Facebook page and on the "Called to Share" YouTube channel, three sister missionaries share a simple, but beautiful musical testimony as they perform their rendition of "How Great Thou Art".

Can the Blessings of Eternity Be Mine? (Monday 23 May, 2022)

Can I qualify for the Celestial Kingdom? Will I try hard and still fall short? With all my shortcomings and mistakes, can I make it? And can I begin to access some of those blessings during my journey here on earth? Jesus offers a clear answer to the question.

Leadership and Single Men  (Monday 23 May, 2022)

As a man, you are responsible to step forward and be a leader, in the home, the church, the workplace and the community—and in your search for an eternal companion. You have a responsibility to lead in righteousness, but not the privilege to pull rank—EVER!

Apostle Concludes Africa Ministry at Nairobi Kenya Temple Site (Monday 23 May, 2022)

Elder Ronald A. Rasband leaves a blessing on the people of Kenya.

16 Tips to Digitize Slides, Photos, and Other Family History (Monday 23 May, 2022)

If you are wondering how to digitize slides, photos, audio, and other heirlooms you have come to the right place. We often have to quickly get through boxfuls of material, digitize photos, and capture large amounts of reference information. Sometimes we need the highest quality we can get, while other times efficiency is the name of the game.

Elder Bednar dedicates first temple in Guam, asking members to ‘connect Jesus Christ with the temple’ (Monday 23 May, 2022)

Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles presided at the temple’s dedication and shared both his feelings and apostolic counsel about temples and their role in helping individuals learn about and become more like the Savior.

How We Can Teach Our Children to have a Covenant Connection That is “Deeply Personal” (Monday 23 May, 2022)

How can our covenant connection with Deity become more deeply personal? How can it be “written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart.”?

President and Sister Nelson and the Restoration of Identity  (Monday 23 May, 2022)

To say Sister Wendy Nelson “hit it out of the park” would be simplistic at best. However, after hearing President Nelson’s address, it seems to me Sister Nelson’s most evocative question encompasses everything President Nelson taught that evening. Indeed, what President Nelson’s discourse accomplished, gave us a vision of heaven, clarity on the unity of the Godhead, and a renewed vision of our identity.

Elder Rasband visits southern Africa, meets with Mozambique president (Monday 23 May, 2022)

A meeting in Maputo, Mozambique, this week marked the first time an Apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints met with a head of state in that country.

Montpelier Idaho Temple Site Announcement (Monday 23 May, 2022)

President Nelson announced the temple less than two months ago.


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