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June 1, 2020

Past Issues

The Burning Book: A Jewish Man’s Conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Sunday 31 May, 2020)

So that Sunday, my wife and I listened alongside millions of Latter-day Saints around the world while an apostle of the Lord told everyone about the time I almost burned the Book of Mormon I’d been given by one of my closest high school friends......and how God held me back. This is more of that story.

Eight Examples of Unity and Peace from This Weekend’s Protests (Sunday 31 May, 2020)

The events of this last weekend in response to the killing of George Floyd have shaken an already shaken country. So much focus remains on the rioting and the violence, that very little attention has been given to the peaceful protests and moments of inspiring unity that also occurred this weekend.

Talking About Nothing: Is It Healthy? (Sunday 31 May, 2020)

It may test our patience some days when we really crave productivity or purposeful, deep conversations. But, the light, seemingly meaningless conversations give family members an opportunity to invest in each other in a different way than you might think.

The Longest and Shortest Temple Recommend Interview Ever (Sunday 31 May, 2020)

Which questions for your spiritual life matter to you right now and why?

How COVID-19 pandemic restrictions reshaped a small-scale Layton temple groundbreaking (Sunday 31 May, 2020)

After the Layton Utah Temple groundbreaking ceremony was announced in late January, organizers initially projected the May 30 event to draw hundreds of attendees to the temple site — perhaps more than a thousand or two — and started planning accordingly. But things obviously could not go according to plan.

VIDEO: How Pentecost Reveals an Important Lesson on Temples and Becoming Priests (Sunday 31 May, 2020)

While not formally celebrated by the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Day of Pentecost is significant in our understanding of the third member of the Godhead and in the powerful connection to our own temple worship.

VIDEO: For Every Woman and Mother (Sunday 31 May, 2020)

Brian spent much of his life at odds with his mom, but his heart softened as he listened to her perspective. In this true story about the ups and downs of family relationships, see how striving to hear one another and God's voice can create understanding and lead to increased empathy, gratitude, and love.

How to Share Light through Social Media (Sunday 31 May, 2020)

If you use social media, share messages and content that bring light and joy into your life. Look for opportunities to offer hope to those facing challenging times.


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