January 15, 2021

Past Issues

How to be a Virtual Missionary (Wednesday 13 January, 2021)

Missionaries and members alike are adjusting to new circumstances caused by the global pandemic. Some of these new requirements may actually open up new avenues for sharing the gospel by full-time missionaries and everyday members alike that won’t change when “things get back to normal.”

Angelic Assistance in Priesthood blessings (Wednesday 13 January, 2021)

As beloved children of the Most High God we have profound connections and privileges that at sacred moments are revealed to our awareness. One of these occasions comes when priesthood blessings are bestowed. Sometimes these blessings are assisted by angels…

Can We Become as Little Children if We Don’t Know Any? (Wednesday 13 January, 2021)

What happens when we broaden our social circle to include the very young?

Tallahassee Florida Temple Location Revealed (Wednesday 13 January, 2021)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has released the rendering and location of the Tallahassee Florida Temple.

Critical Race Theory Infiltrates Government, Classrooms (Wednesday 13 January, 2021)

Critical theory, an ideology that has dropped deep roots into America’s most powerful institutions, is opposed to the very foundation of Western civilization. This is according to a group of panelists on a Heritage Foundation webinar on Monday, who laid out what critical race theory is, how pervasive it has become, and what needs to be done to stop it.

Come, Follow Me for Sunday School: “My Work Shall Go Forth”, Doctrine and Covenants 3-5 (Wednesday 13 January, 2021)

Several years ago, my son and I attended a father’s and son’s basketball camp at BYU. The camp was held over Memorial Day weekend and on Sunday we went to sacrament meeting in the Assembly Hall. The speakers for our meeting were Joe Christensen and L. Tom Perry. Elder Perry gave one of the most memorable testimonies that I can remember.

New Year’s Resolutions, Nitric Oxide, and Weight Loss (Wednesday 13 January, 2021)

If you’re like me, one of your resolutions is to lose weight and get into better physical shape. It’s a resolution I make annually. The challenge is to make it past the first week of January so I can accomplish the goal I set in 2020 that I should have accomplished in 2019 because of the promise I made to myself and my wife in 2018. How can Cardio Miracle help you and me lose those extra pounds this year?


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