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November 17, 2019

Past Issues

The Book of Mormon has Plenty to Say about Bad Political Leaders (Wednesday 13 November, 2019)

Yes, the Book of Mormon describes to us the prosperity and happiness of people who are united under righteous leaders, but oh, do we also see grinding wars, clashing philosophies, secret acts below the radar and ultimately the utter dissolution of a people who were promised so much more if they could have been faithful.

Bridging the Gap to Reach the ‘Why’ Generation (Wednesday 13 November, 2019)

Sure, some in the younger generations may warrant the negative labels, but most do not. Many in the so-called Why Generation are ambitious and entrepreneurial. They are bright and creative. They are kind and generous. They are our future. So shouldn’t we do everything possible to help them find their way in the marketplace of ideas and worthy work?

Do You Think You Live in a Safe Area? Think Again (Wednesday 13 November, 2019)

How are we doing, when it comes to watching out for enemies?

Will the U.S. Follow East Germany on Self-Censorship? (Wednesday 13 November, 2019)

The ‘Democratic Republic’ was an authoritarian state whose history holds lessons for today’s America.

Latter-day Saint Fiction: Two Excellent Historical Novels (Wednesday 13 November, 2019)

Two excellent Historical novels take us across the pond to England and Wales. Award worthy "The Heart of the Rebellion" by Sian Ann Bessey takes us back in time to 1400. "An Oxford Murder" by G.G. Vandagriff revisits the so called "Golden Era" of almost a hundred years ago at the famous Oxford University in England.

Violence, mass protests in Bolivia affect missionaries and Latter-day Saints (Wednesday 13 November, 2019)

Latter-day Saints and missionaries in Bolivia are taking precautions to stay safe during ongoing civil unrest following a violently-contested presidential election.


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