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October 22, 2021

Past Issues

Church Statement on the Fire at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on Temple Square (Thursday 21 October, 2021)

At around 7:00 this evening, a fire started on the second-floor roof of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. The most likely cause of the fire is from combustible construction materials that ignited on their own.

Cartoon: Harvest Time (Thursday 21 October, 2021)

Same goal, different approach...

Your Hardest Family Question: How can I teach my kids that their father’s behavior is wrong? (Thursday 21 October, 2021)

I discovered my husband had been having a relationship outside the marriage with a (recently divorced) person who I thought was my friend. I’ve had to be civil since I may have to share my children with her in the future, but it I also do not want my kids to think this is acceptable behavior in any way.

Long-Term, Short-Term (Thursday 21 October, 2021)

In advance of the likely approval and administration of COVID-19 vaccination to many younger children, it’s worth revisiting an important question in pharmacological research generally: How long does evidence gathering need to extend in order to deem an intervention “safe” or “effective”?

Canceling Thomas Jefferson (Thursday 21 October, 2021)

After more than a century, the New York City Council is removing a statue of Thomas Jefferson from its chamber. The decision, which was made by the New York City Public Design Commission, was unanimous. It was wrong, too.

Responding Well to a Child’s Pornography Use (Thursday 21 October, 2021)

What do you do if your child discloses that they struggle with pornography use? Do you cry? Get angry? Punish the child? You might feel scared about how their pornography use may impact their future. In this article, we provide some suggestions to consider as you seek to better understand and work through this struggle.  


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