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October 21, 2020

Past Issues

Does The Book of Mormon Promise Prosperity for all? (Tuesday 20 October, 2020)

There are few Book of Mormon promises found more often than this one that states, “If you keep the commandments you will prosper in the land,” but does this apply to prospering by owning a business as well?

5 lessons Sister Craig learned from the Salt Lake Temple renovation (Tuesday 20 October, 2020)

Flanked by fences, cranes and other construction equipment, Sister Michelle Craig of the Young Women general presidency recorded a devotional address to students of BYU-Pathway Worldwide from the grounds of Temple Square.

Gender Ideology and Your Child (Tuesday 20 October, 2020)

Do we truly care about the health and the future of vulnerable children? This question came into stark relief last week during one of the U.S. Presidential Townhall discussions (Thursday, Oct. 15), where a presidential candidate, regarding young children experiencing gender dysphoria, made this statement.

How Is the Unity of Zion Society Achieved? (Tuesday 20 October, 2020)

Much of the world today is marked with sharp divisiveness along racial, national, ethnic, and socio-economic lines. Many have painfully felt those dividing lines sharpen ever more in recent months. At such a time as this, reading in 4 Nephi about a Zion society stirs a hope and yearning for such a society in the hearts of good and decent people all over the world.

Something New and Better (Tuesday 20 October, 2020)

The children who had watched me work in the garden impatiently waited for the plants to come up in the section I set aside for them. I knew something must be up when I came home from work, and they were all waiting for me.

Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families: “I Would That I Could Persuade All … to Repent”, Mormon 1-6 (Tuesday 20 October, 2020)

Much like Joseph Smith, Mormon was called as a young man to become an instrument in the Lord's hands to bring God's word to his people. Unlike Joseph though, Mormon's task was not to open a dispensation but to close one in faithfulness.


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