September 15, 2019

Past Issues

What Actually Eases Grief? (Wednesday 11 September, 2019)

Whether you’re suffering from the crushing grief that seems to have no respite, or you know someone who is, maybe these ideas can make coping easier.

Come, Follow Me for Sunday School: “God Loveth a Cheerful Giver” 2 Corinthians 8-13 (Wednesday 11 September, 2019)

In the chapters for this week, Paul goes to some lengths to describe the simplicity of the Way of Christ. From outlining the standard of knowing the truth by two or three witnesses to discerning true messengers from those who only pretend to be, he warns his readers to beware anything that could pull them away from Christ’s simplicity.

Infanticide Hearing Witness Says Hospital Created ‘Comfort Room’ Where Aborted Babies Die (Wednesday 11 September, 2019)

Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois, allegedly has a ‘comfort room’ for aborted babies who are born alive to die in, according to nurse Jill Stanek. Stanek spoke about her experiences Wednesday at a hearing on the Born Alive Act in Washington, D.C. The nurse explained that while she was working at the hospital, she observed that doctors performed “live birth abortions,” a procedure in which the doctors perform an abortion and allow the baby to die during or after the abortion. Stanek explained that Christ Hospital offered “comfort care” to babies who were born alive during these abortions, because these babies often survived for at least two hours after they were born.

Video: Sister Wendy Nelson, Sister Mary Cook sing duet, share details of traveling with the prophet (Wednesday 11 September, 2019)

In a Church News video, Sister Wendy Nelson and Sister Mary Cook share their observations of how they minister to Latter-day Saints they meet on their travels. Both Sister Nelson, wife of President Russell M. Nelson, and Sister Cook, wife of Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, traveled with their husbands during the prophet’s recent visit to Central and South America.

You’re Contagious, So Make the Most of It (Wednesday 11 September, 2019)

Have you ever been around someone who brings a dark cloud into the room and rains on everyone’s day? Have you ever known someone who always manages to ask the right questions, always finds a way to lift and encourage, always finds a way to help people focus and collaborate to serve the common cause with purpose and even joy? Then you understand contagion.

Regarding Global Muslim Attitudes (Wednesday 11 September, 2019)

Many people in the West quite confidently discuss Muslim attitudes on the basis of no real acquaintance with either the Islamic world or actual Muslims. So I’m going to recommend a book. Here are a few of the fascinating findings in it.

How to have faith in the face of persecution (Wednesday 11 September, 2019)

Paul taught that even though trials and adversity can be troubling and oppressive, they do not have power to break the spirit if one’s eye is single to the glory of God. Not only do trials have the potential to make us more empathetic to the plights of others, but they have the ability to give us an “eternal weight of glory.”


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