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August 5, 2021

First Line News Articles for Thursday, August 5 2021


US Firms Add Far Fewer Jobs Than Forecast, ADP Data Show

U.S. companies added far fewer jobs than expected in July, indicating persistent hiring obstacles despite broader improvement in the economy.

Amazon Slashes Prime Drone Delivery Team

Amazon Prime Air, a U.K.-based team that oversees the company’s drone delivery service, has lost over 100 employees in the last few years, with some former staff telling Wired that the department is “collapsing inwards.”

Target Invests $200 Million for Free College Courses for Staff

Target Corp. pledged $200 million over four years to fund educational courses for its U.S. employees, mirroring a similar program from rival Walmart Inc. and showing the lengths companies will go to in a tight labor market.

Kroger to open ghost kitchens at U.S. grocery stores this fall

The largest grocery store chain in the United States announced on Wednesday that it’s teaming up with a startup to place ghost kitchens in some supermarkets, starting this fall.


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