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November 26, 2021

First Line News Articles for Friday, November 26 2021


US Abortions May Be Inching up After Decades of Decline

U.S. abortions appear to be inching up after a long decline, though officials are cautious about calling it an upward trend because a government report issued Wednesday is incomplete.

Majority of Voters Blame Biden for Surging Inflation

A majority of voters blame President Biden for rising inflation, according to a YouGov/Yahoo News poll released on Tuesday.

Manchin Urges Biden to Restore Keystone XL Pipeline

Senator Joe Manchin (D., W. Va.) on Tuesday called on President Biden to reinstate the Keystone XL pipeline as the U.S. struggles with gas shortages and skyrocketing prices.

Pentagon creates new organization to investigate UFOs

The Pentagon has created a new organization that will lead the department’s investigations into mysterious objects in the sky.

Supreme Court to hear North Carolina voter ID case

The Supreme Court on Wednesday agreed to hear a case involving North Carolina’s voter ID law.

Biden admin. approves construction of major wind farm for Rhode Island

The Biden administration on Wednesday announced it has approved construction of a large-scale wind farm project off the coast of Rhode Island that will supply 70,000 of New York homes with power.

Missouri judge stops state, local agencies from issuing pandemic public health orders

A judge Tuesday ruled local health departments cannot issue orders, close businesses, quarantine students, and stated parts of Missouri’s Code of State Regulations pertaining to the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) violated the state constitution.

FBI calls dealing with ‘Havana Syndrome’ a top priority

The FBI said on Wednesday that dealing with the issue of “anomalous health incidents” – widely known as Havana Syndrome – is a top priority and that it will keep investigating the cause and how to protect staff.

Biden adding COVID-19 vaccines to ‘Remain in Mexico’ restart: report

The Biden administration is planning to offer COVID-19 vaccines to migrants that enroll in the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” program, which could go back into effect as soon as next week, according to Axios.


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