Inviting the Baby Jesus into Our Home at Christmas | Meridian Magazine

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January 20, 2022


Many years ago we visited a neighbor’s home during the Christmas holidays. Their passion was collecting nativities from all over the world. It moved us so deeply and we felt the Spirit so strongly in their home, we decided then and there we would start collecting nativities in our own world travels. There’s something about setting these up each year that moves us deeply. Each scene centers around the baby Jesus and as we place each figure, it is as if we are surrounding the holy baby Jesus. After we have set up about ten of these magnificent sets, we feel the Spirit entering our home more than normal. This year we have 49 sets from far-flung places such as Egypt, Poland, Laos, Germany and Mali. Without exception when people enter our home they comment something like, “Oh wow, this is so lovely. It’s just magical. There’s such a spirit in your home.” We like that, and so each year, along with all of our other traditions, we continue to invite the Spirit of Christ into our home in rich measure during this sacred holiday. Come and enjoy a few of our nativities: From our home to yours. Merry Christmas.

DonnaDecember 24, 2021

We LOVE your nativities! I wish we could see them all. We too have traveled and collected a few precious nativities that bring joy when we get them out. Consider showing us more of your nativities in a future addition! Thank you for the gift of your newsletter all year, which reminds me, it's time to contribute. Merry Christmas!

Denise Blackburn ChristensenDecember 24, 2021

oh how I loved looking at your Nativities! Thanks so much for sharing. They are beautiful and the one from Germany brings back memories of our recent trip and watching you and Maurine joyfully purchasing gifts for your children and grandchildren. Merry Christmas!


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