Editor’s Note: The following note was sent to us from a senior missionary currently serving in Germany, where refugees from Ukraine are already starting to pour in. Though the letter was referring to prayers and fasting on fast Sunday yesterday, we post it here with the suggestion that prayer and fasting in regards to this dire situation is needed on an ongoing basis and should not be reserved for that one day of the month.

The accompanying video is a combined group of singers from BYU Choirs demonstrating their solidarity in a performance shared last week on social media.

Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters from different parts of our world.

We turn to you in what for us is a dark time, as black clouds from explosions obscure the sun over our capital. This very night, elite special forces of the Russian Federation, together with Chechnyan units, are storming one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of the world, the spiritual capital of eastern Europe, the City of Kyiv.

Fighting in the streets is already spreading. Everyone who can hold a weapon is standing up to defend our capital, including retirees, students and school children. 

Tonight and tomorrow will be decisive. Everything is in play which the entire civilized world has heretofore believed and built upon. With tears in our eyes we plead with you, regardless of where you live, to use this time to bring your fasting and prayers before our Father in Heaven. Pray to Him to protect us from the raving hordes who would mock our faith and God’s truth.

Please send this message to all of your friends, family and friends in Europe, Asia, America, and across the whole world.

Prayer is stronger than the strongest enemy of truth.

With love and trust in the Lord.

Your brothers and sisters in Ukraine.