As I sit down to write this article, I am having a hard time even focusing with all the news that is constantly buzzing around about COVID-19. My husband and I have saved and planned for two years to go to Israel and Egypt after he graduates from BYU in April and now not only will that trip most likely not happen but he will not be able formally graduate either. I am just waiting for the email saying the large Easter production I have been rehearsing for since January is cancelled. Life is being disrupted on every side and dreams I’ve had for a while are being dashed.

But do you know what is comforting to me? We are all in this together. This is a common struggle. I sent out my woes on Instagram about our Holy Land trip, feeling quite sorry for myself, and received countless responses about how people’s trips were cancelled, they were getting married and unsure if the temple would even be open for them, and that they couldn’t participate in or attend events that were really important to them. Each of our lives are being interrupted one way or another, and we can know this this is a common struggle for everyone. Now is the time to band together (in our own separate households).

We asked Meridian readers what their thoughts were on COVID-19 and the changes made to how General Conference will proceed and below are some of their responses. Hopefully, this will help you know, like I have found, that we are not alone in all of this:

Raymond Swenson When you think about the fact that a distinguished medical doctor is the President of the Church at this time, and that over the past two years he has led changes that prepared us to be able to teach our families at home, and to minister more personally to fellow Church members, it appears the Lord know what he was doing in calling Elder Russell M Nelson into the Quorum of the 12 so he would be in a position to lead us during this crisis.”

Georgie Taylor What a wonderful blessing to have the technology we have – so looking forward to hearing from our leaders who have been prayerfully preparing to speak to us. Grateful for a living prophet. Mindful of those who were preparing for the MTC or whose mission assignment has to change. It’s sometimes a challenge to accept change but it’s a good opportunity to get better at being resilient and learning what is really important.”

Barbara Hasting My husband and I are heading out on our first mission in July, and we’re supposed to go to the Provo MTC. I will have two more weeks with my grandkids, so I’m not complaining! Also, if the prophet says we need this, I’m all in!! I hope our mission plans don’t have to be changed, but if needed, we’ll do whatever is required. We love our prophet! 😊”

John Lee Maybe those who would attend conference in the conference center might never be exposed or infected with COVID-19. Perhaps the brethren want to protect the members and missionaries of the church. Perhaps corona virus will never be the plague the media has tried to communicate it will be. However, I know obedience brings forth the blessings of Heaven. The Lord has the power to do His own work.”

“Nicholas Ledbetter Presidents been saying all along “take your vitamin pills, big things coming”. This is what he meant”

Lornna Nunez My son and I were just talking about how President Nelson said the next conference would be a memorable one. He knew this was coming! I love our dear prophet! I am also beginning to see why we know have the home based Come Follow Me home based study. We are going to need it!!”

Denise Bouchard One thing that I have learned from President Nelson is that change is good. It strengthens are faith and increases our testimonies. Above all this is Christ’s church as long as we listen to and follow His Prophet, all will be well.”

Lori Colby This is another experience that should witness to each of us that we are being led by a Prophet of the Lord! He promised us a Conference unlike any other (technically, other Conferences have been cancelled)- but there will probably be even more things that will make this Conference even more special! It’s also a witness that we should be making sure that we are making this a family-centered worship opportunity, as well! I feel so blessed!”

Chris Hunting Been to conference in the tabernacle/conference center once in my 57 years of life. I can probably see this one on-line like the rest. I expect that it will provide wonderful guidance. I do not even have to put on a suit to attend!”

“Paul Solum I was hoping to come with my wife, to General Conference, it is my 62nd birthday, and my wife and I wanted to come for the centennial.”

Amy Day Well, they did say this would be a General Conference like no other!”

“Julia King I mean you do what you got to do to keep people safe and keep it from spreading but I feel bad for all those who had travel plans and rooms booked cause they were going to come and see it but it is better safe than sorry.”

AJ Affleck The bretheren have been preparing us for this moment with recent changes. This was a choice made to protect both Members and Friends of the Church. I am grateful for a living prophet that guides this organization under the direction of the Savior. Trust in the Lord.”

Judy Jensen Wheeler Scary times, and more ahead… Thankful for a living Prophet who can guide and direct us.. <3 #Conferenceshouldbewatchedinjammiesanyway”

Shelly Cluff It gives a whole new meaning to Elder Bednar’s words: ‘The ultimate missionary training center is in our homes.’”

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