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August 4, 2020

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AllenNovember 11, 2015

I want to thank you for your articles! You have helped open my eyes to things I simply had not seen before. After reading one of your articles over a year ago, I felt moved to explore the Word of Wisdom with new questions and insights. Your willingness to share what you've learned is what started me on a remarkable journey that has significantly blessed my life (and my family's to some extent -at least). Thank you! I especially enjoyed your insights in this article. Great food for thought. Keep up the great work!

Jane BirchNovember 10, 2015

MYRNA: Thanks for your comment. I’m very sorry to have offended you. I hope you will forgive me. I certainly do not believe anyone needs to eat an ideal diet to be worthy of a temple recommend, as I have explicitly stated many times. For example, in my book I write: “Let me state here for the record that I do not think Latter-day Saints must avoid eating all meat in order to “keep the Word of Wisdom.” The Lord’s servants have defined obedience to the Word of Wisdom as abstaining from alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea, illegal drugs, and habit-forming substances. This book is not about changing this definition. I whole-heartedly sustain this standard, which I believe has been set by divine inspiration. I am in no position to propose (nor do I desire to campaign) that the standard be changed. According to my understanding, all who abstain from these harmful substances are 'keeping the Word of Wisdom' as far as what we have been asked to do. What I do suggest is that the Lord gives us much more advice in Section 89 that can also bless our lives." In the title of this article, “Ask for a Recommend,” I am suggesting that we ask the Lord for His recommendation of what foods we eat. I have full confidence in you, Myrna, that if you desire to know what the Lord recommends for you to eat, that He will tell you. I’m just sharing my thoughts and feelings. You don’t need to listen to me or to anyone else. Ask the Lord what He recommends! I’m not anyone important that you should listen to me, but if you are interested in better understanding my perspective, I’d love to give you a free copy of my book. Just send me your address. PAM: I’m pretty confident that if we asked the General Authorities what type of diet we should be eating, they would not give us a list of what they eat and suggest we eat likewise. Instead, they would direct us to prayerfully study the Word of Wisdom. That is also what I’m suggesting: go to the Word of Wisdom and to the Lord to find out what God recommends for you. I share my impressions and insights because people are interested in reading what I have to say, but of course I think people should go to the scriptures and to the Lord for their own answers!

KarenNovember 10, 2015

Pam, I don't feel that Jane is implying that at all. I work at the temple near my home and the ordinance workers have a break room with a vending machine. There is no cafeteria at our temple. The vending machine is filled with junk food. I have been struck by the stark contrast of the quality materials that were used to build the temple and the junk food that is offered for the workers to fill our temple bodies. Our bodies are indeed temples for our spirits and we can choose the type of food we put in our bodies. I am so thankful that the Lord, the CREATOR of our bodies, has given us counsel for us as to what type of fuel is best to put in our bodies. I know when I follow His counsel, I feel better, I was able to lose weight and now 4 years later, maintain my ideal weight for my height, my blood pressure stays low, I have low cholesterol, I have tons of energy and I rarely get sick. I have been amazed at the healing power of these foods the Lord recommends for our bodies. Check out these stories...these people don't even realize they have been following a Word of Wisdom diet but it is amazing to read about their results!

PamNovember 10, 2015

Perhaps the best thing to do is ask the current apostleship what they eat. Then we will have a correct interpretation of the Word of Wisdom. Has anyone eaten with a member of the Seventy lately? What did they eat? Does President Monson and his counselors follow the Word of Wisdom as interpreted here? Therein lies our answer.

Cy WelchNovember 10, 2015

Hi Jane, This is my first response to any of your articles, I want to thank you for your clarity of thought and for dedicating such a large amount of your time and energy to this important subject. Remember, "there must be opposition in all things", I think the previous comment validates your article as the 'necessary opposition". I agree with what you wrote and it saddens many of that those I love and care for have little interest in correct eating even as their lives and health are devastated by the choices they make. God Bless and please continue to speak up clearly on this important issue.

MyrnaNovember 10, 2015

I find I am uncomfortable with your article's title. The reference "seems" to imply that unless you follow "your" recommendations on diet, the inference is that a person cannot honestly consider themselves as "worthy" to get or use a temple recommend. I understand you feel strongly about this - as does my friend who refuses to eat "pork or rabbit" because of the nature of their 'hoofs/feet'. As a journalist/writer you clearly knew what you were doing, and understand the great power of words. I am very disappointed that you would use such manipulation of words. Your article explains your position clearly, however, it is the title I am taking issue with. Please be more circumspect in your choice of words as you wave your flags of 'recommendations' in the future.



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