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March 24, 2023

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Terry AndersonSeptember 1, 2014

I've seen examples of lion couch scenes which critics claim are representing embalming or resurrection scenes and in which the legs are raised, but Facsimile one differs from them in two ways. Firstly, there is no resting arm. in our facsimile, while all the others show one arm at the side of the deceased in the foreground and one arm raised. Secondly, our facsimile shows the priest between the lion couch and the raised legs of the reclining person, as opposed to the priest being behind the lion couch. So our facsimile is not as typical as some may suggest.

VardellAugust 4, 2014

Kerry, Yes, thank you and thanks to Meridian for publishing this. Many LDS have questions about doctrine and history so it is good to see these things addressed by the Church and by scholars such as yourself. And I'm glad you will be objective in your article. No one wants a white washed story.

ShareeJuly 30, 2014

I look forward to the rest of your articles. I think the Book of Abraham is a profound book of scripture. I also look forward to hearing your presentation next week at the FAIR Conference.

Tom JohnsonJuly 30, 2014

Kerry, I am very happy you are undertaking to explain this subject and that Meridian is publishing it.



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