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October 6, 2022

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Blake GarsideMarch 30, 2020

Kerry, First off, thank you for this inspirational article on what President Joseph F. Smith, regarded "the Frist Vision as the most significant historical event since the Savior’s resurrection" I really enjoyed reading your book on the 9 accounts of the First Vision and found them ALL fascinating with a NEW found perspective. However, the most touching and heartwarming part of your article was the reference of Heavenly Father touching the eyes of Young Joseph !! What an intimate moment for not only Joseph but for me personally, I keep thinking in my mind from your book, this article, and General Conference, MANY WILL COME TO KNOW BROTHER JOSEPH AGAIN !! Thank you.

Pamela RoderMarch 30, 2020

Thank you Dr. Muhlestein for your wonderful and enlightening perspective on Bro. Joseph. It personally resonated with my heart! Your comparisons were inspired and I saw more clearly in a way I'd not thought of. I always enjoy your Education Week lectures and certainly enjoy your books! Many thanks!

HelenMarch 30, 2020

The physicality of this sacred event is so important. As I discuss Latter Day Saint theology with my Trinitarian friends I am so mindful of and grateful for it.

JanMarch 29, 2020

I have not read all the versions so your article has set off an alarm in my soul to become more educated about this vital event. I loved the last part about God touching his eyes. Such a tender moment. As a parent, grandparent and great-grandparent, there is nothing like a loving touch, either giving or receiving. It brought to mind 3Nephi when the Savior blessed the children, one by one. My family and I have discussed how it would feel and how it will feel to have His arms around us. I look forward to reading your book.

DJMarch 29, 2020

I had never considered a comparison such as you have- very insightful. Thanks for sharing.

Sherry ScoffieldMarch 29, 2020

This article touched me deeply. As we were asked to study the restoration of the Gospel and the First Vision in depth before conference, you have brought new understanding to what I know to be true. Thank you so much

Faith RalphsMarch 28, 2020

Such a pertinent and enlightening article, thank you Brother Muhlestein! I especially find hope in the comparison with the last days, and the touching story at the end.

LynetteMarch 27, 2020

Very sweet and tender if that last story is true. Thank you for sharing it.

JulieMarch 27, 2020

What a lovely article. Especially as we, as a church, are celebrating the first vision. I appreciate your insight into some lesdons frim the first vision that we can apply in our lives. I'm sorry you didn't get to give your lecture, but thank you for sharing your wonderful learning

Judy E AmarMarch 27, 2020

Thank for for sharing your personal views of the first visit. I found them very inspiring and enlightening. Gave me a lot o food for thought! Loved it.



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