PeckFamilyThere are things that happen in life that just can’t be explained, like being in the right place at the right time. There is no other way to explain a simple family from Tooele, Utah getting asked to be on a BBC documentary about parenting or getting asked to speak on a Chinese radio station. Sometimes things happen that are just meant for us. God puts us in the right place at the right time.

In a larger view it is easy to see that certain people are born at certain time periods in history for a reason. Certainly Abraham Lincoln was born for his time, Newton for his, Einstein for his, and Marie Curie for hers. It only makes sense that each of us living today are alive now for a reason. God has a plan for us. We are meant to fight the battles of today and to promote truth today.

Without a doubt one of biggest battles today is about what a family should be and is and who should raise the children. This topic includes identifying the roles in our society and within the family and determining if history’s view of the family is enough for today’s progressive ideas.

In his recent BYU commencement address “Be a Disciple 24/7,” Elder Russell M. Nelson said:

“Male and female are created for what they can do and become together…It takes a man and a woman to bring a child into the world. Mothers and fathers are not interchangeable. Men and women are distinct and complementary. Children deserve a chance to grow up with both a mom and a dad.” (

Elder Nelson also made it very clear what disciples should do to stand for the family.

“Many of your neighbors, colleagues, and friends will have never heard logical and inspired truths about the importance of marriage as God Himself defined it. You will have many opportunities to strengthen understanding of the Lord’s side of that argument by the eloquence of your examples, both as individuals and as families.”

Referencing the Apostle Paul foreseeing the current circumstance, Elder Nelson spoke of the       “perilous times [that] shall come” in the last days.

“After his remarkable prophecy of our time, Paul added this warning: Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution’ (2 Timothy 3:12),” he said. “Ponder that! It means that during these perilous times, life will not be comfortable for true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. But we will have His approval. He gave us this assurance: Blessed are all they who are persecuted for my name’s sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven’ (3 Nephi 12:10).”

Social and political pressures to change marriage laws are resulting in practices contrary to God’s will regarding the eternal nature and purposes of marriage, he said.

“We cannot yield,” he said. “History is not our judge. A secular society is not our judge. God is our judge! For each of us, judgment day will be held in God’s own way and time. Man simply cannot make moral what God has declared to be immoral. Sin, even if legalized by man, is still sin in the eyes of God.” (

It is time to stand for the family. We are here for this time. This is the moment we will be remembered for. We don’t need to panic or get angry. But, we do need to get informed and know what to say and how to act. We need to be living examples of the truth and give wise commentary in the global debate.

There is a conference that will help you beef up your knowledge of the issues facing the family that you will not want to miss. This month on September 19th at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Utah a group of world renowned speakers on the family and issues relating to the family will assemble for The Stand For the Family Conference  (This is a multi-faith event).

Big businesses in Utah who have supported or participated in the Gay Pride Festival and Parade in Utah have refused to offer support or participation to this event. Even so, local grass roots family organizations are carrying on to make this conference a reality. It is amazing that we live a time when the family is too controversial to support. Come offer your support.

This conference will offer great understanding to the delicate family issues we are facing. Conference goers will get useful information about raising children in these confusing times and will get the information they have been missing about the family issues we are facing.

Come join me at The Stand For The Family Conference September 19th, 2014. I will be giving a new presentation called “Roles, Rights, Property, and Parents.”

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