See the latest video message shared through the Church’s YouTube channel that discusses how we can partake more fully from the gifts of the Atonement:

In His teachings, the Savior compared fruit with things of eternal worth, says Elder Neil L. Andersen. The fruit in Lehi’s dream symbolizes the blessings of the Savior’s Atonement, describing the fruit as “most desirable.”

“No wonder the angel described the fruit as ‘the most joyous to the soul,’” he says. “It truly is!”

Yet even after savoring the precious fruit of the restored gospel, staying true and faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ is still not easily done, Elder Andersen says in his October 2019 general conference address.

“We continue to face distractions and deceptions, confusion and commotion, enticements and temptations that attempt to pull our hearts away from the Savior and the joys and beauties we have experienced in following Him.”

The video includes the personal experiences of two people who tasted the joy of rediscovering their faith after losing their spiritual direction.

“Little things can upend our spiritual balance,” he continues. “Please don’t allow your questions, the insults of others, faithless friends, or unfortunate mistakes and disappointments to turn you away from the sweet, pure, and soul-satisfying blessings that come from the precious fruit of the tree. Keep your eyes and your hearts centered on the Savior Jesus Christ and the eternal joy that comes only through Him.”