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Facilities hosting a new guest experience at Temple Square are among the latest focus of construction in the ongoing Salt Lake Temple/Temple Square renovation project in downtown Salt Lake City.

Two ground-level pavilions and a multilevel guest building are being built in the area where the South Visitors’ Center previously stood on Temple Square. Demolition of the visitors’ center was done in early 2020, and with crews having completed excavation of the area, the pavilions and guest building are being erected.

An update on the facilities and experience was published Monday, Sept. 26, on

The above-ground pavilions — offering direct and unobstructed views of the Salt Lake Temple from the same south side as the South Visitors’ Center — will be connected by a large, underground hall with new experiences introducing guests to the temple and its purpose.

This photo from September 2022 shows the area where the South Visitors’ Center used to stand on Temple Square in Salt Lake City and the start of construction of a new multi-level guest building featuring new guest exhibits.

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