Few things are better than to find books that keep your youngster, ages five through eight, excited to read. The following books begin with the simplest storyline and repeating text and then move onto early chapter books. As readers become more confident and fluent in their reading, they rely more on their imaginations than pictures. The first three books are part of the Ready-To-Read series and include a guide to help the newest readers become familiar with simple words in the story and comprehension questions found at the back of the book.

Dog Can Hide, by Laura Gehl and brightly illustrated by Fred Blunt, is a clever storyline that young readers will find funny. A dog, cat and frog attempt to hide. Big Bub, Small Tub, by Alastair Heim and vividly illustrated by Aaron Bleecha, is another funny story that youngsters can relate to: bath time. Worm and Caterpillar are Friends, by Kaz Windness, is filled with color, showcasing caterpillar’s metamorphosis. There are even simple directions in the back showing how to draw both characters.

One Cool Duck: King of Cool, by Mike Petrik, is a new series which begins with cool activities that Duck and his friends participate in: skateboarding, eating pizza and ultimately being kind to others. There are three short and easy chapters brilliant colors made digitally with Photoshop.

Eat Your Superpowers! How Colorful Foods Keep You Healthy and Strong, by Toni Buzzeo and cleverly illustrated using photography, pen, and humor by Serge Bloch, encapsulates twenty-five different foods in similar colors and briefly stating why the food is good for our bodies. Each page showcases one food with the opposite side explaining what it is. This book is delightful, funny, and educational.

School of Monsters: Bug’s First Day and Jem’s Big Idea, both by Sally Rippin, are the latest books in this popular series that children adore. This series features repeating, rhyming and enlarged text, bright illustrations on every page and fun and mischievous events that keep kids reading to the end.

A Funny Thing Happened After School, by David’s Cali and colorfully illustrated and filled with humor by Benjamin Chaud, is great fun to read. I’m betting your kids will be chuckling out loud as they read this. You will too! Two friends are trying to get their homework done. But their one big problem is they are in outer space! Here is a book that will be reread over and over.

Bad Guys: The Others?!, by Aaron Blabey, is the newest book in this popular series. (This series is my grandkids favorite books to read). The main characters are found throughout this series, and they are as hilarious as the illustrations display. The combination of text and pictures are great fun which will surely bring the enjoyment of reading to all who pick these books up!

The World of Emily Windsnap: The Truth About Aaron, by Liz Kessler and colorfully illustrated digitally by Joanie Stone, is a chapter book that has more text. However, there are still pictures on every page.  This is the latest book in a popular and wonderful series and contains six chapters.

City Under The City, by Dan Yaccarino, is a richly told and illustrated book that is set in the future. The storyline is full of imagination and the pictures were made with ink on vellum and then rendered digitally. The protagonist is very bold and full of courage and is a very young boy who encounters some incredible adventures and mysterious things.

Tater Tales: The Greatest in the World, by Ben Clanton, is the first book in a planned series about two potato brothers. This unique and laugh-out-loud story has these two spuds competing to see which is the greatest in the world. There are potato puns found throughout and the colorful illustrations, made in Procreate, watercolors, potato stamps, photographs, and Photoshop, alone will make you chuckle. This book is so creative and brilliant!

Aven Green: Music Machine book 3 and Aven Green: Soccer Machine book 4, both books by Dusti Bowling, are the newest editions of this outstanding series. Aven is a very smart girl who believes all the smart cells went to her brain instead of her arms she was born without. But this series makes no apologies for her situation. Instead, it glorifies her amazing abilities and enjoying life along the way.

Book Buddies: Dazzle Makes a Wish, by Cynthia Lord and illustrated digitally by Stephanie Graegin, is the third book in this delightful series about a lonely girl who makes a wish and is surprised to see it come true. The storyline and pictures are a perfect match for early chapter readers as it will keep them reading to the end. Check out the other two books as they will also hold the reader’s interest: Ivy Lost and Found and Marco Polo Brave Explorer.

LOL 101: A Kid’s Guide to Writing Jokes, by David Roth and Rinee Shah and colorfully illustrated by Rinee Shah, is a perfectly laid out book demonstrating how to create, set up, write and ultimately present a joke. I especially like how the authors set up a joke by giving background and creating a funny situation. There is much color and simple visual clues to help the rising comedian. And who doesn’t like to throw out a joke every so often?

Olivia’s Secret Scribbles series, by Meredith Costain and illustrated with delightful pictures on every page by Danielle McDonald, is a wonderful series that is both enjoyable and humorous for youngsters to read. This series has subjects that kids like to read about. The newest editions include Dragon Catchers, Unicorn Parade and Music Makers.

The four books listed are graphic books which kids who are reading early chapter books will thoroughly enjoy. Wombats go Camping by Maddie Frost, Dog & Hat and the Lunar Eclipse Picnic by Darin Shuler, A Batpig Book: Go Pig or Go Home by Rob Harrell, Beaky Barnes: Egg on the Loose by David Ezra Stein and Link + HUD: Heroes by a Hair by Jarrett and Jerome Pumphrey.