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New Utah company was recently formed by returned missionary, Sara Parcell.  “I remember when I was a missionary at the MTC, I loved getting mail from home. But it was equally as sad when there were some missionaries who had no mail at all, it broke my heart. So now I would like to do something to help them.” Love From Home would like to deliver a “box of love” from their “Heavenly Home” to each missionary who has not received mail during their stay at the MTC. These themed boxes are meant to be a little heavenly message from home of thanks for your service and to let them know that they are loved. The boxes will be delivered to them the week of their departure. When you are far from home, mail can be a great source of joy and comfort.

To promote and fund her cause, she makes themed boxes, for families to send to their missionaries, with treats and other items to brighten their day. A percentage of the sale of each of these boxes will be used to support the “Missionaries Without Mail” cause. She is also hoping to provide an easy and economical way to families to send Love From Home to their missionaries and loved ones.

 You can donate to the Missionaries Without Mail fund and see the available boxes for purchase at