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The Mormon Channel sponsors a video series titled “Hope Works,” which is basically TED Talks for Mormons. It is a series of videos captured at live events where presenters share interesting insights about hope and faith and how it works in their lives.

Recent videos feature an LDS mom, a missionary, a performer, a relationship coach, a parent who lost a child, and an equestrian vaulter paralyzed in an accident. Each of these talks show the different facets of hope and faith from different perspectives. Below are six videos from the series.

The Perfect Lie | Tiffany Webster

Tiffany saw perfection in her future as a wife, mother, and overachiever. But as checklists grew longer and expectations grew harder to meet, Tiffany felt exhausted and broken.

“Who was I if I wasn’t everything I did? How could I have worth while sitting in bed day after day? Who was I as a wife, a mother, and a woman when my body didn’t allow me to do the things that a wife, a mother, and a woman should do? I had a testimony that my Savior’s Atonement was real. I believed His miracles, I believed Him when He said that all things were possible. But in my most broken state, I wasn’t sure how to use His power.”

Hear Tiffany tell her story in this Hope Works presentation about how she overcame what she calls “The Perfect Lie.”

Spiritual Beings and the Human Experience | Matt Townsend

One day a 17-year-old girl with scars on her face and no balance walked into Matt Townsend’s relationship coaching practice. She had been in a terrible car accident that had left her physically and emotionally deformed.

“She looked at me and said, ‘Now what am I going to be? I’m not an athlete. I don’t think I’ll ever get married. I don’t look as pretty as I used to.’”

Hear how Matt responded to her in this Hope Works presentation that explores how labels change the way we see ourselves and who each of us really is.

Living Beyond “What If?” | Cambry Kaylor

Cambry Kaylor was a promising equestrian vaulter with dreams of competing internationally. At age 18 she suffered an accident while vaulting, leaving her paralyzed.

“The first week of physical therapy. We were working on my balance. I thought to myself, ‘Just last week, I was balancing a handstand on the back of a moving horse, and here I am and I can’t even sit up on my own. Who am I? I’m not Cambry Kaylor. I’m a crippled version of what I used to be.”

Sometimes Cambry is asked if she dreams of going back to that fateful day and preventing the accident that paralyzed her. Hear her answer and how it has changed over time in this Hope Works presentation about our plans, God’s plans, and what we can do when they seem to conflict.

One Question That Puts Life in Perspective | Stephen Jones

After trying desk jobs that left him unfulfilled, performer Stephen Jones wondered, “What could I do now that will matter in 1,000 years?”

Find out how Stephen found purpose in his daily pursuits with God’s help and perspective in this Hope Works presentation.

We Aren’t God’s Only People | Samuel Hislop

Years ago, Samuel Hislop moved to Eastern Ukraine as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He discovered that people around the world, who come from cultural and religious backgrounds very different from his, have much to teach him as well.

“I believe we have gaps in our souls that can only be filled by each other—by learning from those who don’t think, act, and believe the way we do. I truly believe one of the greatest gifts God gives us in this life, is the opportunity to learn from each other.”

Learn how and why Samuel proposes we change the way we think about people and ideas that are new to us in this inspiring Hope Works presentation.

Seeing Green | Jill Thomas

After Jill Thomas lost her daughter Penny in a tragic accident, her world seemed to crumble. Her husband was having a crisis of faith in God, her little girl was gone, and hope seemed all but lost.

“I felt nothing. I believed that the ‘answers’ to read your scriptures, say your prayers, and go to church were inspired and true. Yet I was doing those things—I was doing those things very earnestly—and I was feeling nothing. I had a sense that a critical aspect of spirituality was missing, but I didn’t know how to be inspired or guided anymore. I was lost.”

Join Jill in this Hope Works presentation as she explores the creative thought process that taught her to have faith, hope, and joy even in the midst of her suffering.