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The number of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ temples now in a gradual move to normal operations following COVID-19 pandemic closures and phased reopenings now exceeds 100 worldwide designated as in Phase 4.

On Tuesday, April 26, an additional 23 temples joined the 83 that have started their moves to normal operations since mid-March, with three more added Wednesday, April 27. That gives the Church 109 of its 162 operational temples in Phase 4 (another eight dedicated temples are closed for major renovations).

The 109 total temples having started Phase 4 include 72 of the 86 operating temples in the United States and Canada, including all temples in the Utah and North America Southwest areas and all but one in the North America Central Area.

The total also includes 37 of the 76 operating temples outside of the U.S. and Canada, including all in the Brazil, Caribbean, Mexico and South America Northwest areas.

Two years ago, the Church closed all operating temples worldwide because of the pandemic and then followed with cautious, phased reopenings.

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