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On a recent Sunday evening, I found myself needing to make some space for the Savior. The day had been filled with good things, church meetings and calling assignments, but I sought simplicity. Quiet.

The sun had set, but the weather was still perfect. Slightly crisp, with crunchy fall leaves on the ground. I walked up and down my street, back and forth, as I listened to some of my favorite Sunday songs. I pondered on the thoughts I’d had that day. As a Relief Society Presidency, we’d asked our sisters what topics they most wanted to talk about and discuss in our meetings. Overwhelmingly, they wrote down that they wanted to know how to develop a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I could relate. I looked up at the just-changing leaves through the streetlamps and thought about how far from the Savior I feel sometimes and how frustrated I get when my best efforts don’t seem to bring us closer together. I thought…

I want to pray and have it feel like a conversation.

I want to cry and be comforted.

I want to be protected and taught.

I want to laugh with you.

I want to hear Your voice. I want to be held in Your arms.

I want to be with You.

But I’m not.

Sometimes, I feel like all the things I cherish most about my relationships on earth are so hard to experience with Christ because He isn’t physically in my presence. I know we can experience Him. I know what it’s like to feel His love and guidance. I know by walking more purposefully along the covenant path, we can develop a deeper relationship with our Savior.

But, that night, I was filled with longing. I longed to be with Jesus and felt a keen sense of our separation. It’s interesting what happened next.

As I sat in those feelings and thought of all those things I wanted, I suddenly felt a reply in my heart.

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