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In this episode, Geoff Steurer shares the second part of his interview with Jaylynn, a woman who was betrayed by her husband’s secretive pornography use. She talks about the healing process she’s been involved with for the past few years. Program highlights include:
  • What her life is like now versus in the beginning of her journey
  • How the nature of her prayers has changed through this process of healing.
  • She talks about why she began helping other women and wanted to talk openly about this problem.
  • She shares why she believes we need to be more open about our personal struggles and share our stories with others
  • She identifies two things that have made the biggest difference in her marriage
  • Why “surrendering” is more of an active process than passively giving up.
  • She identifies the initial boundaries she set up in the beginning of her recovery process and how she learned to set healthy boundaries.
  • She shares advice she gives bishops who are working with betrayed women.
  • How women can get started in their recoveries, including the one thing a betrayed woman can do now to start the process of recovery

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