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January 18, 2022

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Lorin SaundersSeptember 16, 2015

I was inspired by your article. What a beautiful way to think about things. Lorin Saunders, Janie Kapp Perry's cousin

AndySeptember 11, 2015

Thank you Maurine Proctor! I almost feel like I know you because of the eternal truth that seems to always comes through in the wisdom of your words . I felt compelled this morning to tell you that. Just to say THANK YOU! I am sure that you have heard it from many others. You always convey wisdom so powerfully magnified by the Spirit whenever you write an article in Meridian. I will always take the time to read anything that has your name on it. Thank you again for magnifying the talent you have been blessed with.

Karma PathakisSeptember 11, 2015

Thank you for sharing this thought-provoking article. Most of us live our lives stressing over things that are insignificant in the long run.

JoanSeptember 11, 2015

Thank you Maurine for another wonderful article. I know if your name is on it then it is worth reading. There is much wisdom in this perspective of what matters.

YolandaSeptember 11, 2015

Beautifully written, and oh so true! I have been fond of saying, "In 20 years, who's going to care?"

NancySeptember 11, 2015

I think about this all the time and when one of my children, grown grandchildren, and friends get worried about something or stuck on one thing, I ask how important will it be when we leave this existence to another for eternity? My husband and I served a mission in Cape Town, South Africa, which is nothing as devastating as Michaela experienced, yet how we loved all the people we met. They are for eternity.



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