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March 27, 2023

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Dave HallMarch 15, 2021

Pres. Kimball, in his BYU address, "Peter, My Brother" nowhere suggested that the Savior commanded Peter to deny him. Rather, he suggested that Peter, in his mind, may have been worried about what would happen to the church if something happened to him. The idea that Peter was commanded or inspired to deny Christ doesn't square with the intense remorse he felt over the incident.

Marcia SmootMarch 12, 2021

I can't get into Peter's head but I, too, believe Peter was no coward. I feel it is entirely possible that he was commanded to deny the Christ that he would be preserved to lead the Savior's flock following our Lord's atoning sacrifice.

MikeMarch 10, 2021

The text of President Kimball's talk can be found here:

SGHMarch 10, 2021 There is another theory to the “why” of Peter’s denial. In order to protect the Chief Apostle, Christ himself commanded Peter to deny knowing Him. When we read the account in Matthew, what we perceive as a prophecy could, in fact, be a command.

CatherineMarch 10, 2021

I never believed he denied in the way he was always betrayed. And later years ago is saw in old institute Manuel in the appendix was article that Spencer w Kimball. . expressed a different perspective . that I agreed with . lets look at different perspective. We need to look from the beginning. Not be going in detail. There is too much To point out Here is a few . Peter was going to be the Prophet. He risked his life cutting the soldiers ear. They could of right than and there be killed . we need reread the whole conversation at the Passover. And how does the commanments start Thou shalt.? just another way to see the whole picture. . I appreciate your thought. I personally believe he was told to deny.him. and the type of man Peter is a disservice to his testimony .

Susan GillmoreMarch 10, 2021

I believe it was President Spencer W. Kimball who proposed that Peter denied knowing Jesus because Jesus asked him to. Peter was to become the head of the Church. It was important that Peter not be arrested and killed with the Savior. Having to deny knowing Jesus went against Peter's character and testimony. Perhaps this is why he wept so bitterly when he had fulfilled this commandment given him by Jesus.

kim mossMarch 10, 2021

I personally like to think of that night as President Kimball did as he proclaimed while giving an address at BYU. I believe the address was titled "My brother Peter" or "Peter my brother?" "He said that Peter was no coward. This is the bold man that was a scrapper and ready to fight and protect the Savior at any moment regardless of the consequences. Peter was the one that would take over the Church following the Saviors crucifixion. He needed to be there to take over and if he admitted to being with the savior he would have suffered the same fate. Therefore Christ gave Peter a commandment, "Thou shalt" deny me thrice!. In other words, "Peter you had better deny even knowing me or you will be killed as well and all will be lost." He then obeyed the command and battling against every fighting instinct he had, he obeyed his orders.

BryanMarch 10, 2021

I had never thought of the parallel between the three denials and the three affirmations, but you led up to it beautifully and I was there with you right before you said it.



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