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August 4, 2020

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erikpeterhansenSeptember 11, 2017

I've been waiting for over twenty years, watching the improving LDS movie efforts. I have really been animate towards some of them to do what Brigham Young prophesied. He said that the LDS would be some of the top skilled artists. And we have pulled that off in limited ways. I loved “Testaments”-“How Rare a Possession". We HAVE the money as LDS! Lots of money! Where is our spirit over fear that we may lose money to teach the gospel and the BOM? It should be about this principle: teaching/missionary work from great art and storytelling. Look at the great endowment films! Can we ever equal comic book films? - Of course! And I'm sorry to say the acting must come from great actors or it is all in vain. A great script will be laughed at by the Gentiles if it’s realized campy or silly. They are the ones who need to see the BOM in the same light as the Bible. Be careful or it could be another amateur attempt to show Mormon culture instead of the Word of God and the lives of our beloved prophets. The evangelicals have tried to portray the Gospels, etc. but fall sadly short. Those films are mostly good for a few faithful evangelicals. We don't want a movie that is mostly shown in Utah or at Temple Square... think big if it is going to do the world's best people of history justice. Rich LDS get off of your rear ends - invest!

KathrynSeptember 9, 2017

Lets get behind this, LDS people! What a fine opportunity to have a quality film about Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty. In a class last night, I learned that there are now TEN countries on earth who are NOT at war. Surely all could related to this epic story even as FICTION. As a true story fighting for liberty, what a tale.

Dave HallSeptember 8, 2017

Saying, "We . . . don’t want this film to be about geography" is sweet but unrealistic. There has to be a setting. And I'm sorry, if it is set in Virginia, it's going to cast a wack-o pall over the whole project by tying it to this Heartland Book of Mormon theory. My recommendation is to swallow hard, risk offending the 2-3% of people who are passionate about this Heartland theory, and go with Arnold Friberg, the long list of archeologists, and other experts who with a fair degree of certainty are placing the Book of Mormon setting in meso-America.



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