Mark Albright is the president of the Washington DC South mission and shares these missionary stories with Meridian Magazine.  This letter comes from Ryan D. Whitaker.

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Elder Hancock



19 Sep 2011

Dear President,

This week has been so great. We had a neat miracle on Sunday. We were low on investigators so we decided to fast. We started our fast and thought we could find some investigators in the morning before church.  No luck.

Then we went to church, hoping some new people would show up. Nothing!

So we went home, broke our fast, and went out tracting. We tracted for a few hours and it was getting dark and we knocked one door that we almost skipped over because it didn’t look Hispanic.

A man from El Salvador opened the door and immediately let us in. We sat down and started to chat. He said he has never let preachers, like missionaries, in his house before, but he did this time. We taught the lesson and he felt good about what he heard. He said he is a doubting Thomas but that we could keep coming back.

He then told us of a dream he had recently that caused him to let us in his home. In his dream, he saw a white man come to him with a huge blanket. He was cold and the white man put the blanket around him to help him stay warm and comfortable. He said he interprets the dream to be us missionaries bringing him the gospel and the Holy Ghost. It was great.

He and his wife and his little daughter listened to our message and loved the lesson and the Spirit. His wife is religious and has been praying for a long time that her husband would finally start to believe in God. Her prayers are being answered!

Elder Hancock