Do you ever long to be challenged and uplifted like never before? Do you desire to recharge your spiritual batteries? Do you wish you had new ideas and fresh answers for enriching your family life?

Next week thousands of earnest saints will gather at BYU for the annual Campus Education Week. More than 1,000 classes will be available on a wide variety of topics including education, marriage, family relations, health, finances, family history, church history, the scriptures, gospel topics, self-improvement, and youth interests.

Among the 200 presenters are seminary, institute and BYU faculty– and some of your favorite Meridian authors.  The week also includes a devotional with Elder Jay E. Jensen of the Presidency of the Seventy scheduled to speak.

Family Classes

Latter-day Saints cherish family life. Yet, like all people, we struggle to lift our family reality to our heavenly hopes. BYU Education Week offers many classes on family subjects to assist you in having the family relationships you hope for.

For example, Meridian’s own Wally Goddard will be offering three series on family life. In each of them he will combine his knowledge of research with his love of the gospel to provide people practical methods for strengthening their families.

In Brother Goddard’s first series, Surprises in Marriage, he points out that most everything our modern American culture teaches us works against a happy marriage. Yet recent research has identified key principles that can make a positive difference in marriage. Intriguingly those principles are best enacted by doing exactly what God has been recommending from the beginning of time.

In his second series, The Complete Parent, he moves beyond the popular one-theme parenting solutions. He suggests that there is no single tool, trick, or principle that magically guarantees good outcomes. Rather there are four great principles that govern effective parenting. They must be used with wisdom and inspiration in order to properly rear children.

In Brother Goddard’s third series, Thriving in Life: Distinctive LDS Doctrines that Lead Us to Greater Joy, he teaches about great discoveries in the area of personal well-being–how people can thrive in life. He teaches about getting beyond self-esteem, learning the keys to flourishing, getting a mighty change of heart, and appreciating God’s plan for us.

Each of these series involves four classes from Tuesday through Friday. Brother Goddard’s classes are held in the evenings. In addition to his classes, there are hundreds of other classes offered to strengthen families.

How do you take part?

You get a whole week of instruction and inspiration for around $50 to $60! There are additional special performances and events available at added cost. This is an opportunity not only for learning, but also to renew your spiritual energy, associate with other Saints, take advantage of special offerings in the bookstore and return to your life with new insights and spiritual strength. This is the place to be from August 15-19.

For more information, and to register, go to: Click on “Class Schedule” and then the pamphlet cover to see the subjects, presenters, and schedule.

As they say, “There’s nothing like being on campus for this great event! Whether you can come for the week or just a few hours, you can be instructed by excellent faculty, enjoy the atmosphere, and share in all that makes this week a wonderful experience for those who attend!”