“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God”.  That’s from one of my favorite portions of the New Testament… the Beatitudes. Seeking for peace, and trying to be a peacemaker – that takes some work. It offers great blessings for each one of us who try to be in this world, yet not of it. 

Don’t you ever just want some peace?  I do.  So I find it wherever I can- in tiny little increments, in quiet moments, distancing myself from the noise of the world when kneeling in prayer.  What do you do to find that peace that comes from a Higher Source than this world offers?  How do you calm the inner self when all about are crazy, disturbing, and anything-but-peaceful goings-on?

For instance:

  • I saw a couple of teenagers arguing in a parking lot. Loudly. With lots of profanity and crudity. When the shoving started, a security guard intervened. Turned out they were arguing over something so silly that they both shook their heads and started laughing before they went on their way.
  • A hotbed of disruption right now is Egypt.  It seems to come out of nowhere.
  • A family member recently – shall we say — chose poorly, and now is bearing the consequences of having momentarily turned away from the precepts that can keep us safe from worldly harm.  Sadness and chaos goes beyond the one who makes the poor choice.
  •  I stayed dialed into the recent tragic shootings in Arizona. Lives have been forever splintered and peace will be hard to regain for many souls.


While the news [family to global] of the world may be a downer, the Good News brings a spring to our step, or at least keeps us moving forward as we step – or sometimes crawl-  through the hard times.  While this world offers no real hope for war and rumors of war, the Prince of Peace is always ready to enfold us in His healing, loving arms. Life, with all its learning curves and battles, need not be a war zone.

The hurt and anger and ugliness can be washed away from our souls like gentle rain dripping off our hair when we focus on the Savior.  Taking His advice to be a peacemaker- and really putting it to work in our lives- may allow it to come alive in us… becoming much more than words we read in the Bible. More than a lovely concept that we can’t quite wrap our heads around, it can become something we do.

Be a peacemaker. While there are many things we can do nothing about, we can choose a path that brings as much peace as possible.  It’s not just something to write about – or  read – or believe the other fella can do this, but we can’t. 

In small ways, life can become more peaceful by opening the door a little wider so that the Son of God can let in more sunshine.  Opening the scriptures calms the mind.  Opening our hearts in prayer calms the heart.  Seeking for personal revelation calms the soul and grants direction. Opening our mouth to speak kind words can bridge gaps. Keeping it closed on occasion might mean there is no gap to begin with!

The daily grind may become a bit less grinding.  The hard road may remain that way…but maybe we’ll find it easier to navigate.  The little things that drive us nuts may retreat a bit. The “loud” of our world may become quieter.  Or maybe none of these things will happen.

Regardless, we will notice that our hearts feel more peaceful – and we’ll most likely remember we are children of God [who should act as though we are] – when we’re working to be a peacemaker. The blessings are there, wrapped in the comfort and safety of the Prince of Peace.


Vickey has taught Church youth & family programs for more than 20 years, and has written books, hundreds of columns, & created hundreds of songs all with the intent of growing goodness and pointing people to Christ.  Visit her website at www.goodnessmatters.com