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A Christian and a Muslim have come together to produce a unique version of the Quran — a full-text English edition of the holy book, but with a twist.

The Qur’an With References to the Bible” relies upon 7th century classical Arabic and comes complete with parallel verses from the Christian Bible.

Dr. Safi Kaskas, a Muslim businessman, and Dr. David Hungerford, an orthopedic surgeon who is a practicing Christian, have compiled the Quran in hopes that the translation will help bridge the divide between Christians and Muslims in America.

Hungerford and Kaskas recently told “The Church Boys” podcast that they first met as board members of Bridges to Common Ground, an organization that works to foster greater understanding between Christians and Muslims.

“When we met, Dr. Kaskas had this as a dream and (it was) something he had been working on in his mind,” Hungerford said. “We were both kind of prepared for this project … (and the) collaboration just became so obvious to us and we’ve been working on it together ever since.”

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