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The bicentennial proclamation President Russell M. Nelson announced in the April general conference “came by revelation” and “is the mind and will of the Lord,” said Elder Ronald A. Rasband in a devotional for missionaries around the world.

“In counsel with my Brethren in the Quorums of the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles, I saw the Restoration of the gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ roll forward with this new proclamation,” said the member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Speaking from the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City in a devotional released June 4, Elder Rasband testified of truths found in the proclamation — a “valuable resource for missionaries” containing clear tenets of Latter-day Saint faith. 

“We are so blessed by the truths elaborated in this bicentennial proclamation to the world,” he told missionaries. “Know it, use it, study it, pray about it, find with it, teach it, bear testimony of it and make it a part of your very lives.”

Elder Rasband invited eight sister missionaries in the audience from the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission to read aloud the proclamation, paragraph by paragraph, as he emphasized some of the many key truths. 

1. Heavenly Father loves His children

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