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Every year my parents would set up an old projector screen and show 35mm slides of their missions. As a young boy, it was awesome.

Almost 20 years on I had this idea to try and find inspirational mission photos from around the whole world. I had no clue how long it would take to compile them, and how many people wanted to get involved. So, THANK YOU to everyone for your photos. If I knew then how long it would take… LOL.

So enjoy some of the most inspirational, ‘get you in the mood’ for mission prep, mission photos I could find. Just imagine yourself in the shoes of these Elders and Sisters, one day this could be you. There are some great stories here, read description below each one and share them with people who need a pick up, some motivation, a reason to keep preparing.



Missionaries in India make a ‘street’ contact.


Elders in Chile brave the snow to teach.


Missionaries in India do nightly planning in a power cut.


Missionaries in Russia cut through the ice for a baptism.


An Elder in Perth Australia talks with a local aboriginal man.

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