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May 8, 2021

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TerryDecember 5, 2015

Such good advice. In D&C 64:33, the Lord told Joseph Smith to "be not weary in well-doing, counsel that applies to all of us. He also gave Joseph advice that again applies to all of us: "Do not run faster or labor more than you have strength and means provided to enable you to [fulfill your callings in the church]. Though the quotes were modified by yours truly, they apply as much to us as they did to Joseph Smith. I served a mission in Scotland decades ago. We had one Elder who worked so hard (against the advice of the mission president), that he became so worn out that he ended up leaving his mission after having served for only six months. I had to wonder how much more he could have accomplished had he just slowed down enough to enable him to endure to the end of his mission. I have to believe that for us, the Lord values quality over quantity..

Mimi SmithDecember 3, 2015

We all have seasons of depletion and sometimes we have to await our renewal without feeling guilty about our inability to give. After 45 years I am finally developing the ability to say no. Women need to take care of themselves before they can take care of everybody else. But choosing to not attend church will not renew us. I worry that a lot of women stop attending because they are afraid to tell people no. Let's be patient with one another and let them know we are there to help them. I for one am so grateful and don't know what I would do without my sisters in the gospel.

Bev QualheimDecember 3, 2015

Really good article! So many of us do WAAAAY more than the Lord expects of us. There are other Saints who expect us to go way over the top, sometimes because they can't be bothered to do much. I know I tend to do too much, and I get frustrated at myself for not doing more! Your article has opened my eyes, so I slow down and stop trying to do it all alone. I need to ask myself, "if this or that doesn't get done, is it going to keep those students/children/sisters/brothers from going to the Celestial kingdom?" Time to delegate, slow down and breathe and praise the Lord for blessings.



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