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November 28, 2021

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Glen DanielsenNovember 16, 2016

I think Ralph Hancock is the apostle Paul of our faithful LDS scholars: some of his wordplay makes my head spin, then in subsequent paragraphs he lays out stunningly good sense with a clarity that makes me sit back in my chair.

jpeacheyMarch 5, 2015

The biological instincts of genetic imprint that affect behavior are the same in all primates, the most important: the biological imperative of reproduction: otherwise, no survival. Unlike other primates, man historically was largely a predatory carnivore. Herbivorous animals tend to easily socialize in herds and do not actively seek to kill except for self-defense. Carnivorous animals inhabit the world of red tooth and claw. Thus man comes by his feral tendencies as biologically imprinted behavior. That silly tabula rasa (the clean slate) invention does not relate to reality Core Christian perspective: man is sentient, self-aware, morally cognizant, and capable of countermanding and controlling primal instincts with superimposed religious, cultural software that makes civilization possible and he is personally accountable to God for his moral condition. The only thing science has to say is the natural law of nature: power of strong over the weak, kill or be killed for the survival of the fittest of the human animal. And when this animal in human form acquires totalitarian power, through radical political ideology, millions are enslaved and die (Stalin, Hitler, Mao, PolPot, etc).Their psychopathic infatuation with death and destruction unwittingly follows the primal instinct of dominating and destroying competing gene pool. This is a natural part of the instincts of procreation for predatory carnivores.

donMarch 4, 2015

Fifty five years ago, I took a graduate school class in Biology. The text we used was written by Paul B Weiss. I may have misspelled his last name, but I am sure is is close enough for one who is interested to find and read a copy. In his introduction to evolution, he noted that Religion seeks to find who created the earth and life therein. Science seeks to find out how the same occurred. He also pointed out that since God is everywhere, Science can not prove His presence or absence. This because to run a scientific study you need a control. This would be impossible since there is nowhere to study the absence of God. This allowed me to teach biology, including evolution to students from a local fundamentalist church with no problem. I just asked a rhetorical question at the start of the uniit. Would you deny your God has the power to do in a day that which science took thousands of years.

Junk BinMarch 4, 2015

if you are a devote Christian than you need to be very worried about the secular folks who want to destroy Christianity



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