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August 20, 2022

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Jose M CapellaJanuary 8, 2022

Hello, Scot and Maurine. I have been a listener of your podcast almost since the start of Come, Follow Me, and have thoroughly enjoyed your many insights as I study the scriptures. However, I feel the need to comment on a few points in last week's discussion on the Creation. With all due respect to Hugh Nibley, he uses a rather simplistic interpretation of entropy. A wise college professor taught me that it is in fact through the amalgamation of ever more complex structures that the universe manages to catalyze its matter at an ever greater pace. The immortal Gods may have ultimate power over entropy, but they have no need to micromanage the development of the life that they nurture. Another often overwrought notion is trying to create a cosmological model with too literal an interpretation of the Biblical creation story. To imagine God personally igniting the light in the universe, then placing Earth in the Solar System, as well as the lights in the firmament, is again defining Him as a micromanager. An enlightened astronomer could easily see that the Earth and other planets would have already begun to accrete before the sun they orbited shone brightly on them. A migratory period eventually cleared dust and debris, finally settling us into a stable orbit. And from the surface of our planet, only after a very long time would the thick clouds finally part sufficiently to reveal the sun, moon and stars. I actually came to that understanding while watching the newer temple videos - go figure! Then there is the notion of fine-tuning. While a pretty sentiment, it is unfortunately used by people of little faith as "proof" of intelligent design. It reminds me of the Anthropic Principle, which is often misinterpreted to say that only a “designed” universe could have the perfect parameters for life. In fact this is meant to convey the idea that ONLY in the rare corner of the multiverse that allows life to exist can there be anyone present to wonder if it was made just for them. Those minor points aside, thank you for your commitment to helping people understand the scriptures more thoroughly. I look forward to continuing to hear from you. Also, please don't ever change your theme music, as Come Thou Fount is one of my favorites, and hearing this arrangement always fills me with anticipation and a surety that I'm about to learn something new. Take care and have a wonderful 2022.



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