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March 20, 2023

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KarenFebruary 10, 2022

My three year old brother, George, was prepared for his death by an angel. She came to him several times before our house burned down and he died in the fire. The night before he died he told me that she had visited him and told him she was going to take him to Heaven. He had been there a few months earlier when he drowned, but was brought back by an older brother giving him CPR. The night before he died in the fire, he talked to me about what Heaven was like and that he had his own white horse there. He had told others in our family of his angel, "Maralee - you know, the one who sings so pretty."

BonnieJune 18, 2021

I believe! I am raising my grandson and he once asked, "Why are there so many angels around the temple?' It was in Manti during the week of the pageant. As we talked about the angels and what they were doing, I asked him what he knew about angels. He said, "The ones dressed in white surround me when the ones dressed in black are near by." And before I could ask him any more about it, he ran off to play with the dog. Tears of gratitude and love still fill my eyes.

GTOJune 17, 2021

Someone who reads these wonderful accounts will have a child who was NOT saved by angels and was killed, wounded, or passed away from some infirmity. I heard a phrase once, "Some He warns, some He comforts." God is ALWAYS with us in some way, in His wisdom. Sometimes He rescues us and sometimes He comforts us after a devastating loss. By using the Holy Spirit, we must discern what His gift to us was.

SherryJune 17, 2021

My grandson was playing on the window ledge in his second story bedroom when the screen gave way. He was 4 at the time and told me the white birdies caught him just before he landed on the concrete driveway, a fall of about 20 feet. Not being raised with religion, he didn’t know what angels are.



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