Todd Sylvester spent years in the grip of multiple addictions. A significant part of his journey to sobriety and long-term recovery was the realization that the way he saw himself impacted his drive to numb out and escape. In this episode he shares his hard-earned wisdom of how we can improve our self-talk to accelerate and deepen our healing. We discuss:

  • The most common self-talk he hears with people in addiction
  • Why our self-talk is so important
  • Why our self-talk becomes so negative
  • What happens when we change our self-talk
  • How to change our self-talk

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Todd Sylvester Biography

Todd Sylvester is the founder of Todd Sylvester Inspires, where he mentors and coaches’ people from all over the world.  As a Mentor & Mindset Coach he has help thousand find joy again in their lives. He also coaches at the greatest university on the planet – Wasatch Recovery!

In 1989 he founded the non-profit, anti-drug entity Sly Dog “Drug Free That’s Me, which features a sought-after education program for elementary schools. This program has encouraged over 250K school-age students, emphasizing principles of positive self- talk, personal commitment, goal setting, and character building.

Over the past 31 years Todd has discovered and taught universal principles that have empowered thousands to conquer addiction, crush compulsive behaviors and change their limiting belief systems.

Todd’s story was recently told through a popular YouTube clip that received over 5 million views and has been translated into 3 languages. Todd has conducted over 1,500 speaking engagements and close to 17,000 individual coaching sessions.

Todd is an author of the popular eBook “It’s Time to Start Living” and the #1 Best Seller, “I Am RecoverED”.  He also produces a popular Podcast that he calls a Beliefcast that is ranked #170 in the world in mental health, that features great people doing amazing things.

Todd’s Story was also featured in Best Selling Author Simon Sinek’s new book, “Find Your Why”.

Today, Todd uses his firsthand fight against addiction to give hope to thousands of teenagers, young adults, and parents with passion and drive.

Todd has been married to his sweetheart for 29 years.  They have four children, one granddaughter, and live a happy life together.


Apple Podcast:  Beliefcast Ranked #170 in the world in Mental Health
Instagram:  @tsinspires