We are excited to announce that America’s most beloved independent Christmas musical, The Forgotten Carols, has been beautifully captured on film and will premiere on the Big Screen beginning 11/20/20 at movie theaters in Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada!!

With many theatrical locations, dates and times available, The Forgotten Carols is now easier to access than ever before.  To see where the film is playing and/or to purchase tickets please go to forgottencarols.com/tickets/.  (Please NOTE:  Theaters are following strict cleaning and seating guidelines to create a safe environment during COVID-19.)

While we will miss bringing our tour to your cities this year, we hope this offering helps your family as you strive to find fun and unique ways to adapt your holiday traditions and we hope that this film will help you feel the same joy and love you’ve come to expect from The Forgotten Carols.

 – Michael McLean and the entire Forgotten Carols team