In a music video recently shared through the Called to Share YouTube channel, singer/songwriter Stephanie Pugh explores how we can personalize the atonement in a powerful, original song. She shared the remarkable inspiration behind the song on her Facebook page:

I wrote this song in response to a dream God gave me in 2020. in the dream, my friend was passing out due to an unknown cause. I was trying to take her to the hospital, but a strange figure kept pulling her out of my car and throwing her on the road. And each time I pulled her back in my car and continued to the hospital. My friend was so ashamed and wouldn’t tell me at first what was causing her physical sickness. I kept assuring her I didn’t care what she had done, I just wanted to help her, so I needed to know what she had taken so I could tell the doctors when we arrived at the hospital. She finally told me she had been using heroin. I told her I would keep pulling her back in my car as many times as she was thrown out, and make sure she got all the help and support she needed.

Then, I woke up and the words: “Jesus loves the addict. This is why he came,” were burned into my mind and I opened my mouth and sang the melody out loud.

I knew God wanted me to tell people something important about addiction and Christ’s love…Something that maybe we sometimes misunderstand.