April celebrates poetry and I have gathered some wonderful picture books full of rhymes. Poetry is one of my most favorite genres because language can flow with the ebbs of description while clinging to nuances. You’ll find the ages best suited on each book.

Poetry Comics, by Grant Snider, cleverly demonstrates poems through comic panels. Vibrant artwork illustrates each phrase, sentence, or question, bringing the words to life in a captivating visual narrative. Spanning various seasons, these evocative poems culminate with an inspiring call to action, urging readers to craft their own verses. Rendered in pen, marker, and colored in Photoshop, the artwork exudes brightness and charm. Don’t miss the delightful end-pages. Recommended for ages eight to twelve.

Stomp and Chomp: My First Book of Dinosaurs, by Simon Mole and brightly illustrated in full-page spreads with mixed media by Matt Hunt, seamlessly merges imaginative poetry with fascinating facts about these prehistoric beasts. Organized into four engaging sections—Meet the Dinosaurs, Eat or Be Eaten, Dinosaur Families, and The End, or Is It?—the book presents a delightful blend of whimsical verse and educational content. Brimming with onomatopoeic delights, young readers will delight in exploring this oversized volume, simultaneously learning, and enjoying the journey through the ancient world of dinosaurs.

Cool Off and Ride! A Trolley to Beat the Heat, by Claudia Friddell and brought to life with vibrant illustrations created in Photoshop by Jenn Harney, nostalgically recalls a time before the luxury of air conditioning. Set in Baltimore, the poetic narrative captures the era when entire neighborhoods sought relief from the evening heat by boarding trolley cars. The refreshing breeze of the ride not only provided relief but also forged enduring memories. This charming book offers a delightful read, perfect for children aged six to ten.

Hippos Remain Calm, by Sandra Boynton, is a simple rhyming tale in this sequel to Hippos Go Berserk! In this installment, the hippos immerse themselves in “The Big Book of Hippoetry,” where they encounter inspiring verses such as “O, flare thy nostrils, and welcome the day! Onward! And upward! Come what may.” Sandra Boynton’s whimsical illustrations bring the hippos and ducks to life with vibrant colors and humorous personalities. Young readers aged three to five will be charmed by the antics of these lovable characters and find themselves chuckling along with their adventures.

Your One and Only Heart, by Rajani LaRocca, MD and nicely illustrated using gouache, crayon, colored pencils, and collage by Lauren Paige Conrad, offers a captivating poetic tribute to the intricacies of the human heart. The poem “Your Heart is Complex” elegantly illustrates the journey of blood through this vital muscle, while Conrad’s artwork expertly brings this process to life on the page. Through expressive and poetic language, readers are immersed in a stunning exploration of the heart’s wonders. Ideal for children aged five to ten, this book provides a mesmerizing and educational journey into the workings of the human heart.

Welcome to the Wonder House, by Rebecca Kai Dotlich & Georgia Heard and brought to life with exquisite mixed-media illustrations by Deborah Freedman, takes readers on a metaphorical voyage through life’s myriad wonders. Each poem, from exploring curiosity to marveling at fossils and oceans, invites readers to embrace the enchantment of the world. This captivating book is a delightful journey suitable for ages seven through adult, promising to ignite curiosity and awe in all who turn its pages.

A Treasure of Measures, by Mike Downs and brought to life with vibrant illustrations by Joy Hwang Ruiz, offers an insightful exploration of various types of measurements. With a rhythmic rhyming pattern, the book makes learning about measurements engaging and memorable. From strict measurements like weight and time to more abstract ones, the narrative highlights the magical moments of measurement in our lives. The book provides definitions of the measurements discussed, offering a comprehensive understanding at the end. Through ink and pencil illustrations colored digitally, readers are invited to cherish these treasures of knowledge.

Great Gusts: Winds of the World and the Science Behind Them, by Melanie Crowder and Megan Benedict and gorgeously illustrated digitally on every open page by Khoi Le, offers a breathtaking fusion of words and imagery. Each page unveils a poetic exploration of winds from diverse regions worldwide, elegantly crafted in various poetic forms such as iambic pentameter and haiku. Supplementing the poetry are informative sidebars providing additional meteorological and geographical insights. At the end of the book, readers can delve further into specific locations and meteorological phenomena.

Rocket Ship, Solo Trip, by Chiara Colombi and brightly illustrated digitally by Scott Magoon, takes an anthropomorphic rocket ship who is worried about her first trip into space to deliver a satellite. This adorable ship is worried about attempting this new experience but overcomes her fears as she achieves her goal. This theme can easily be transferred to kids who are on the cusp of graduating from one school to go on to the next level. The simple rhyming text creates positivity and keeping your eye, (or ship) on the prize.

Animal Albums from A to Z, by Cece Bell, is a must-have addition to any poetry collection! This oversized gem features a delightful animal poem on each open page, filled with toe-tapping rhythms and rich in onomatopoeias and alliterations. What goes along with rhyming poems? Music! You can scan the QR code and listen to the vivacious, fun-loving music. Turning to the other side of each poem’s page reveals hand-painted papers, collages, and intricate lettering, creating a visually stunning experience.