Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and I have some outstanding and new picture books to celebrate Mom. The first book is a pop-up book with the perfect subject denoting Mom.  The next six books are board books and are geared for newborns and toddlers.  The rest of the books are for all ages to enjoy reading with and about Mom, unless otherwise indicated.

Love, by a favorite paper engineer, Robert Sabuda, is a magnificent construction feat as every other open-page states “I love you…” followed by a different assortment of animals exploding off the next open-page. There’s a gathering of polar bears sliding down an ice cap that pops out with the text and will encourage you to do great things. The extraordinary art that pops out is complicated and beautiful just like the message!

Mommy, by Leslie Patricelli, simply states on every page ways that mommy loves and adores her baby. The background color is different on every page and is bright helping keep baby’s attention.  The types of happy declaratives and loving gestures show the close bond between mommy and baby.

I Love You to the Moon and Back, by Sandra Magsamen, states in large decorative font on one side of the open-page why mommy loves her child.  On the opposite side of this open-page, showcases different animals in a loving mode.  Toward the end of this brightly illustrated book has a mommy panda carrying her baby on her shoulders.  The rhyming text lovingly reads: Remember my love, if we’re ever apart, I will always be right there in your heart.

Disney Baby: I Love You, Mom, by Sheila Sweeney Higginson, and brightly illustrated by Jerrod Maruyama, is a clever lift-the-flap book where you find a young animal thanking mom for fixing a meal or helping mend a scratch or waking up her child with a kiss.  Each open-page showcases a well-known Disney character and by lifting the flap, you discover the grateful youngsters.  Some well-known characters include Lady and the Tramp and Winnie the Pooh.

Love (Peek-a-Boo Art), by Julie Appel, and brightly illustrated by Amy Guglielmo, is a wonderful way to introduce your youngsters to classic and famous works of art.  There is a small circular hole on every open-page where the toddler can peek through to see a small part of the larger picture once the page is turned. The text lovingly states different declaratives as you go through this beautiful book. I’ll plant a garden just for you. Turning the page, you read So you can see my love is true. Opposite this page you see beautiful lilies and the famous painting by Diego Rivera.

The Meanest of the Meanies, by Kristen Hensley and Jen Smedley, and brightly illustrated digitally by Paul Briggs, is a funny rhyming tale from the viewpoint of a child about her mom.  Throughout the day, she thinks her mom is so mean beginning with waking her up with kisses.  When she opens her lunch box and sees a loving note from mom, she is embarrassed for others to see it.  Mom is there to cheer her on, even during her school spelling. After all that hoopla, I only come in eighth place. / But Mom is there cheering like it was an Olympic track race. What a fun book to read with youngsters explaining that they might think mom is mean when all she is trying to do is help raise a child with boundaries and love.

Mamasaurus, by Stephan Lomp, will definitely appeal to these prehistoric animal lovers.  Babysaurus is in search of his mamasaurus.  As he goes about the jungle, he continually asks if any of the other dinosaurs have seen his mama.  Each animal responds by asking their own specific question regarding his mother such as: Does she have a long horn…? Or Does she have wings…?  When he finally finds her, he is rewarded.

Just Between Us: The Interactive Mother & Daughter Journal & Activity Book, by Meredith Jacobs, and uniquely and brightly illustrated by Isabel Serna, is the perfect book rich with interactive activities and shared journal entries for enrichment and bonding.  Included inside are sticker sheets, stencils, cardstock, notecards and certificates of appreciation.  I especially like the journal prompts for impromptu conversations.  This enticing and enriching book is best for ages seven and above.

Me & Mama, by Cozbi A. Cabrera, won this year’s prestigious Caldecott Honor Award and reading through this precious book you’ll see why.  Each open-page illustration is gorgeously painted in lush acrylic paint. The beautiful text that goes right along with the pictures make for a full day from early morning rising to bedtime at night.  What is perfectly evident throughout is Mama’s love for her daughter.  Good morning to you, sings mama bright as sun. Sometimes she sings it like the birthday song.  Here is a piece of Mama’s heart on display in this beautiful picture book.