What is the role of leaders in helping individuals who struggle with mental health? Many leaders feel uncertain about how they can help an individual who is deeply troubled by mental health. They might say to themselves, “What if I say the wrong thing?” or “I am not a therapist so maybe there isn’t anything to talk about.” The reality is, we simply need to gain a deeper level of empathy in order to help encourage these individuals to not only progress in life but find valuable help with their mental help by engaging in the gospel of Jesus Christ. By listening to experts, we can better understand the issue. By listening to individuals who have experienced a struggle with mental health we can better understand what it is like trying to find growth and happiness in our Latter-day Saint communities. 

In an effort to bring more thoughtful dialogue to the topic of mental health in the Latter-day Saint context, the team over at Leading Saints has put together the Mentally Healthy Saints Virtual Summit. We have interviewed 20+ individuals with expertise or real-life experience related to so many mental health topics, including anxiety, depression, eating disorders, ADHD, and even Scrupulosity (religious obsessive-compulsive disorder). We will discuss all these topics as they relate to the Latter-day Saint faith experience and how we can all come together to better minister to those who struggle with mental health.

It’s free to attend virtually. For more details on what topics will be covered and to register for free visit leadingsaints.org/mentalhealth

Here is a sample of some of the participating speakers: