At the LDS Church-owned Polynesian Cultural Center, you enter a new world and walk into a piece of paradise where palm trees sway, waterfalls cascade down tumbled rocks, and the cares and cold of every day life seems far away.
This Hawaiian get-away is far from the crowded beaches of Waikiki, around the island to Laie, where you can walk on a beach alone and see an interrupted sunset.
531a0430This week Meridian has been there with other LDS media professionals, where we wandered through Polynesian villages. We laughed while a Samoan shimmied up a palm. We learned to hula. We glided on lit kayaks and paddle boards by starlight on a tropical lagoon while listening to the legends and lore of the islands from a native Polynesian guide.
We ate garlic shrimp at food trucks and watched a canoe parade of dancers in vibrant colors. We saw the Laie Hawaii Temple at sunrise and zip lined above the landscape with air rushing through our hair. We thrilled and gasped at the fire dancer’s skill.
531a0299We tell you these things because you can win this kind of vacation through a give-away offered by the Polynesian Cultural Center and other related sponsors. It is a four-day, three night excursion for four, including airfare, accommodations and food to Laie Hawaii and the PCC’s exotic, island entertainment. Your chances are probably better to win this vacation than most contests you might enter.
Click here for Meridian’s special link to the contest.