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Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is occasionally asked why Latter-day Saints don’t experience the types of miracles that defined the early days of the Restoration.

The Apostle’s reply is always the same: “We do!” 

On Tuesday, Jan. 19, Elder Bednar taught a vast Brigham Young University devotional audience — some gathered at the Marriott Center in Provo, Utah, many others virtually — that daily, life-altering miracles are continually happening in the lives of people honoring their covenants and faithfully receiving the “power of godliness.”

The Nauvoo exodus

Elder Bednar began his devotional message by revisiting the desperate, yet miracle-laden Nauvoo Exodus of 1846 that commenced the westward migration of Latter-day Saints from Nauvoo, Illinois.

The winter phase of the exodus in particular caused “unimaginable hardship” for the mob-expelled Saints. Many sought shelter in camps along the Mississippi River. When word of the suffering exiles reached President Brigham Young at Winter Quarters, he dispatched a letter to the brethren at Council Point, asking for their help:

“Now is the time for labor,” wrote President Young. “Let the fire of the covenant which you made in the House of the Lord, burn in your hearts, like flame unquenchable.” 

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