President Mark Albright of the Washington DC South Mission shares this letter with Meridian readers.

Dear President Albright:

I wanted to pass along some background information regarding Karrie Martin’s baptism and the comment I made during the program about the service project that took place across the street from where she lives. 

Earlier this year, I felt prompted to have a service project for an investigator—a recent widow named Deanna.  Although we didn’t know Karrie at the time, we found out later that she lives across the street from Deanna. 

The service project involved the YM and their adult leaders cleaning up Deanna’s yard, etc.  We thoroughly enjoyed working on a beautiful Saturday morning and had a great experience there.  During the project, however, Deanna pulled me aside and told me she wasn’t interested in joining the church and felt badly about accepting the help from our ward.  I told her we were happy to help, and that she was in fact helping some of our young men meet their Scouting/Duty to God requirements.  While what she said was somewhat disappointing from a missionary standpoint, I believe the project was a success, in more ways than one—as we would soon find out. 

In fact, unknown to us at the time, Karrie’s boyfriend, Mike, was watching us from across the street and came over and introduced himself.  We spoke only briefly, and at that time, we had no idea that he was an inactive member.  We also had no idea that the service project would make such a huge impression on his girlfriend Karrie, but within a few weeks, Karrie began meeting with our missionaries, and then, within a few months after that, she was baptized.  Mike attended the baptism and they are engaged to be married.

You just never know how our good deeds will influence others.  I just thought I’d pass that on.

It was great seeing you at the baptism.  Thanks for all you do to serve the Lord.

Bishop John Shimazaki

Algonkian Ward