It’s October and that means it’s General Conference time. So how about some wonderful books that include LDS historical fiction, mysteries, fantasies, special needs and overall uplifting books that are especially oriented to go along with our semi-annual conference?  Here are some outstanding, interesting and engaging Church-themed books by LDS authors.
The Silence of God
, by Gale Sears, is an historical fiction book that is well researched and documented. But more than the tremendous research Ms. Sears delved into, it’s a fascinating story about two friends and their families.  It details how their friendships and lives are challenged when the over-throw of their Imperial Russia is changing the lives of all who live there. One of the friends, Agnes, is a member of the Church, but Natasha isn’t. The events of their lives are based on a true account, but readers beware: once begun, you won’t be able to put this book down.  This book is best for ages 12 through adult.

The Fourth Nephite, by Jeffrey S. Savage, is a teen novel about a high school football star, Kaleo, who is cutting his seminary classes and beginning to get in with the wrong crowd. His seminary teacher decides it’s time to take matters into his own hands and sends Kaleo to meet with someone who has him open a door which alters his live forever. What’s behind that door? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Eliza’s Field of Faith
, by Rachelle Pace Castor, and illustrated by Dixon Leavitt, is a picture book based on an actual account of a late planting of wheat and the miracle that occurred in the area now known as the City of Lehi. The oil paintings are glorious and set the scene of pioneer life and the devastation that besets this community.

Far World:  Land Keep (book 1) and Far World:  Water Keep (book 2), both by J. Scott Savage, is an exciting fantasy series with book 3 on the way about Marcus, who is from Earth, and Kyja, who is from Farworld.  They work together, with their magical gifts, to deal with great difficulties and then triumphs in these thrilling reads.  These books are best for ages 9 through adult.

The Last Waltz:  A Novel of Love
and War, by G. G. Vandagriff, is the intriguing story of Amalia living in Vienna and the year is 1913 and her country and the world is about to go to war. It tells of her struggles and love of family and the men who fall in love with her. This gripping novel sets the tone of one of the worst wars of our time. It is best for ages 12 through adult.

The Hourglass Door (book 1) and The Golden Spiral (book 2), both by Lisa Mangum, is a time travel series with four friends who go back in time with characters so real that you’ll feel a part of the book. Both of these books should have a disclaimer: give yourself time to read them because once you begin, you won’t be able to stop! These are best for ages 11 through adult.

Imprints, by Rachel Ann Nunes, is another great mystery by this brilliant author and readers will not be disappointed. When a young woman ends up missing, a uniquely talented Autumn can help. She can read imprints off of objects and detect emotions. But can she help this family? This book is best for teens through adult.

Life of Jesus:  Seek and Ye Shall Find
, by Val Chadwick Bagley, is a fun search and find book with a scripture theme that youngsters ages four to eight will enjoy and use to learn. Each page includes brightly painted pictures that completely fill the page.

Do What is Right:  52 Fun Motivators for LDS Families
, by Douglas J. and Laurie H. Wilcox, is filled with fun activities, outlines, ideas and even checklists that will give families thought-provoking family home evening lesson plans. There is so much packed into this 200 plus page book that you will surely be inspired to come up with even more ideas emanating from this outstanding book. (Sunday school and Primary teachers: there are some great ideas here for innovative lessons.)

52 More Weeks of Family Night: Scripture Study Edition
, by Diane Kirkpatrick, is another book packed with ideas to do together as a family – only this book emphasizes the scriptures. There’s even a CD-ROM included to allow printing activities to mix or match. Families will love this book!