My husband recently attended a financial meeting at which the speaker asked, “If everything you knew about finance was wrong, when would you want to know?”

Immediately, right? When he came home and told me about the meeting, I couldn’t help being struck by the importance of this question worded another way: “If Christ’s original church were upon the earth again, when would you want to know?”

I would hope everyone’s answer would be, “Immediately.” What more exciting news could there possibly be? Are you kidding me? Christ’s original church? Here again? Where? You can almost hear the voices that would clamor to learn about this monumental announcement.

In short, we are sitting on the biggest news since the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior. His church, under his authority, is here again-alive, perfect, available. Yet only a relatively few people know about it. Given the billions of residents on earth, we are but a tiny fraction.

If I weren’t LDS I wonder what I’d know about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Maybe my impressions would match those of so many man-on-the-street interviews we see, where non-Mormons are asked what they know of us. “They’re family-oriented,” “They take care of their own,” “They can’t smoke or drink,” and such. Not once have I seen a non-member interviewed this way, with a true understanding of what really makes us different: That we claim to belong to Christ’s original church, restored in latter days. Have we failed to educate people about this remarkable claim? Have we taken it for granted and allowed less doctrinal trappings to identify us? “They store a year’s supply of food.”

That’s nice. But how does that tell people that Christ, himself, wrote the bulk of the Doctrine & Covenants? “They have lots of kids.” That’s nice. But how does that tell others about eternal families and the Plan of Salvation designed by our Heavenly Father?

If I were not a member of the LDS church, and I learned that the Real Deal was here again, I’d like to think I would run, not walk, to sign up.

Is there anyone in your life, or anyone you’ve ever met, who wouldn’t want to know this? Just asking.

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