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What does a successful Young Women camp look like? 

Some may say it would include sleeping bags, adventure, friendship, scripture study, fun camp songs, and of course lots of good food. It may include games, evening devotionals, journal writing, sports, and learning new skills. 

Whatever your Young Women Camp looks like, we hope each young woman knows she is a part of a global group of diverse young women who love the Lord and strive to become like Him…

Who will help these youth camp leaders be successful in planning, directing, and evaluating camp?

The Young Women Camp Guide instructs, “They counsel with the Young Women presidency, ward and stake camp leaders, and priesthood leaders.” 

What a blessing to be an adult leader, serving side by side with these youth in organizing a camp to help all of the young women increase their capacity as leaders and disciples of Jesus Christ. They will learn how to create an atmosphere of faith, unity, and love because of the leadership and love they feel from you.

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