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Living in a global pandemic does not mean that we are on vacation from our Church callings.  The service, love and inspiration of young women serving in class presidencies is needed now, more than ever. 

Think of the difference it might make for a young woman if she received a text or a message from one of the girls in her young women class presidency asking how she was doing, if there was anything that she could help with or how school was going? The young woman would know she was being thought about, that someone cared. 

Vivian Tillery, second counselor in a Young Women class presidency in the Panorama Ward, Calgary Alberta Confederation Park Stake, said, “I text or message the young women on Instagram. I know it’s a rough time for the all of us. I care about them; they are my friends and they are like family to me.”

Our youth are finding creative ways to reach out and stay connected.  In the Roskilde Ward, Copenhagen Denmark Stake, the young women play “the positive minute” where they share spiritual thoughts and/or positive thoughts and experiences. The class presidents also use the internet to find small spiritual movies or messages to send to their groups each week.

Katja, who serves as a Young Women counselor in the ward, explained, “Through all the work our two young class presidents have done, they have not only created a stronger and more loving relationship with their friends in the Church, but they have also gained a better spiritual understanding of the importance of staying close as young women — not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually.” 

It is a difficult time for young women and their leaders, but we are seeing remarkable ways that class presidencies are serving and making a difference. 

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