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President Monson gave a talk in April 2016 General Conference and said, “May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.”

President Monson wants us to willfully choose hard things? Yes. Choosing the right will almost always be harder, but it will make us happier and lead to greater progression.

Ease of Modern-Day

It’s human nature to avoid anything hard or uncomfortable. In the history of the world, the majority of people have been faced with difficult things every day – just to survive and provide for themselves. They were not afforded the modern-day conveniences we have that take many of the physically difficult tasks out of our lives, like dishwashers or grocery stores. Technology also be takes difficult situations we are faced with and gives us an easier out. Think about how much easier it is to text about an uncomfortable situation instead of talking face-to-face!

We are able to avoid much of the work our ancestors could not, but are there consequences to this? Is our constant quest for ease and comfort causing us to miss out on blessings that come from work? Blessings such as greater health, satisfaction at the end of a hard day, more meaningful relationships, or greater progression?

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