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There are some LDS Hymns that members of the Church hear so often that they begin to forget to pay attention to the message. For a song like “I Believe in Christ” they may even complain about the tempo or the number of verses and look right past the words and the feeling they can convey.

A new arrangement and music video from LDS singer/songwriter Cayson Renshaw and female pop singing group Elenyi bring new life to this hymn by combining it with “You Raise Me Up,” a beautiful song made popular by Josh Groban. The juxtaposition of the two songs enhance the message of each, bringing to our recognition things we might have been ignoring in this hymn that we hear so much.

“We think that the message and lyrics of the hymn ‘I Believe in Christ’ are under appreciated,”writes one of Elenyi’s vocal performers. “Combining that powerful hymn with the popular song ‘You Raise Me up’ just felt right . . . as that is what Christ does—He raises us up in our lives!”

See the music video below: