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The LDS “gentleman trio” known as GENTRI have teamed up with Rising Star Outreach to release their powerful new music video, “One.”

The singing group personally visited and gave service in a leprosy community in India, which not only provides an inspiring setting for their song, but an important impact to the song’s message.

“One thought can spark creation, One choice can start today, One candle conquers darkness, One lighthouse lights the way…One life can make a difference; it’s all inside of you.”

The message that one life can make a difference rings especially true in the efforts of Rising Star Outreach, an organization that is striving to help those living in leprosy colonies in India become thriving and self-sufficient members of society. Becky Douglas, the organization’s founder and president regularly shares their stories on Meridian.

Becky will be teaching at the upcoming BYU Education Week, so any who plan to attend should be sure to go to the classes she will be teaching.

Watch the video below to learn more about her story: