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First and foremost, each person is a child of God, taught President Russell M. Nelson during a devotional broadcast worldwide to young adults ages 18 to 30 on Sunday, May 15.

“My purpose tonight is to make sure that your eyes are wide open to the truth that this life really is the time when you get to decide what kind of life you want to live forever,” he said. “Now is your time ‘to prepare to meet God.’”

Addressing a capacity crowd in the Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City, with thousands more watching from overflow areas on Temple Square and hundreds of thousands more watching online, the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said righteous choices in mortality will pay unimaginable dividends eternally. “If you choose to make covenants with God and are faithful to those covenants, you have the promise of ‘glory added upon [your head] for ever and ever.’”

He said three fundamental truths will help young adults prepare their course:

“First: Know the truth about who you are. 

“Second: Know the truth about what Heavenly Father and His Son have offered you. 

“And third: Know the truth related to your conversion.”

‘Know the truth about who you are’

“I believe that if the Lord were speaking to you directly tonight, the first thing He would make sure you understand is your true identity. My dear friends, you are literally spirit children of God,” testified President Nelson.

Designations, labels and identifiers can be important and positive, but can be of unequal value and also change with the passage of time, he taught, but if any label replaces the most important identifiers, the results can be spiritually suffocating. 

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